Underneath our daily routines we sense a profound longing for more expansion, meaning and purpose in our lives.

This vulnerable impulse, which often we have no words to explain, is our innate drive to search for the keys of return to the Knowing Self Within.

We are all imprinted with a deep desire and longing to walk in this world as our true and authentic selves. Unfortunately the world provides an experience of wounding, limitation, conditioning and fragmentation of self that can block us from actualizing the truest realization of our own inner wisdom.

Healing Our Love Imprint

Healing Our Love Imprint  

A 12 week online course for sacred relationship with self and other.

If you ask the majority of people their deepest hopes and desires, many, if not most will list a fulfilling, loving, fun and passionate relationship as a high or perhaps the highest dream of their life. If you find yourself in this category, Healing Our Love Imprint, done as a single or as a couple, can truly begin to shift you into this reality.

Introduction to Spiritual Self-Realization

An online course

Enlightenment, the Tao, Nirvana, Ascension, Salvation, Mysticism, Gnosis. We have heard these elusive, esoteric terms spoken by Master Teachers and lineages throughout the ages. But what do they actually mean? And more important, are they relevant and possible for you or only for a rare and chosen few saints, saviors and gurus?


Soul’s Path of Wholing

All are called to a divine purpose. Only a few will choose to answer this calling.

An online series

Are you one who feels profoundly drawn to this mysterious journey and has chosen to move towards this deepest level of soul calling? If your answer is yes, you will find all the tools you need arrive to assist you if you are open to truly seeing and accepting them into your process.


Journey to the Divine Feminine Within

Emersion of Authentic Self for Women- An online webinar series

A focus on who you are, as your Authentic Self, has the expeditious result of accelerating you away from who you are not. Through a mythical and mystical journey into core archetypal energies, lineages and templates we will work towards a fuller understanding of your true Soul Essence as a unique resonant frequency.



FROM FEAR TO LOVE A Roadmap for Moving from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness

A FREE online audio course

Learn why the world is predominantly based in fear instead of love.


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