The old ways are dissolving

It was difficult for you to imagine a new way could be possible. But now you see the opening. The very real possibility of creating a new way of life. READ BLOG HERE

We are in a exciting time of planetary and personal restoration and rebirth.

Our path of return to the field of undifferentiated light and love of Source is being revealed moment by moment and our magnificent souls are reawakening to return to the helm of our earth-bound existence. READ BLOG HERE

There is immense chaos, fear and anger flowing across the planet demanding change. This passion for change is much needed in these times and we must stand as the divine sovereign beings we are for our freedom. READ BLOG HERE

In these glorious times of self-awakening many have been called to follow the spiritual path.  Our Knowing Self Within is urging us forward to discover the truth of our pure essence and inner divinity. READ BLOG HERE

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