Dearest One,

jacob-wrestles-with-angelThis is the first entry in the journal of my personal voyage through the wild jungles of ascension.  It is the tale of the past five years of wrestling with an angel, the angel that is my own Higher Self.

I assure you my angel had no interest in wrestling. It was me who decided to pick the match. It was the lower me, the false me, the unreal personality that I didn’t even know existed until that fateful day when that loving angel came along and gently pushed me off the cliff of reality into free fall.

In hindsight I know that the story of my time to “wake up” began in earnest in 2011. The 11-11-11 gate opened and my soul gyrated herself into a more alert state. She had slumbered deeply in a dreamy, faraway place for some forty years as I walked this planet with amnesia. As she brushed the timeless sleep from her eyes, she began her work.

I had been bruised and wounded and deeply conditioned into the reality that is called the 3rd dimension, the reality of separation consciousness.  I had no idea all that I had taken on that was not actually “me.” So many stories I had lived by as my identity. So many misconstrued ideas carried and lived as my world and my reality.  It was a very heavy load.  A load we all inadvertently carry around with us.

The first part of the mission, learning while sleepwalking, was complete. Now it was time for “the sweep.”

What is the sweep you ask? This is when the life that you know gets washed away in a series of flash floods. All the things you believe to be “you”; your family, your relationships, your job, your home, your possessions, your hobbies, your worldview, all get sent down the river in a raging torrent.

Now don’t worry, this does not always happen as suddenly or fully as it did with me, but my soul path was for a fast awakening so out it all went.  When I made my life plan this time I planned it this way. Of course, my little self was not privy to this plan at this time and had no idea what was happening.

Gulp; it was time to start over from scratch.

“So who am I?” I had to ask this question in earnest.  The answers came slowly over a period of the last five years of forgetting all I thought I knew as truth and “reality”.  It is fundamentally true that to walk this path; one must take on beginners mind.

Now it was time for the next part of the mission, I call it “A Time to Remember”.

This segment of the mission is the process of clearing all that you are not, so you can become what you truly are, your Authentic Self. The identity you have formed as you must be dismantled and unconditioned. The vehicle, i.e. your auric field which includes your physical body, must be purified of all it has taken on while living in a state of separation consciousness. The completion of this purification process takes you to the stage of initiation called adepthood, when you raise the life force in the spine and are released from the fabled wheel of samsara. You are now freed from reincarnation cycles.

Of course there are different kinds of soul paths here.  Some chose to return without any karma for more soul learning and/or service and some go through several rounds choosing to take on certain karmic patterning and to overcome this patterning each time, and/or to master and anchor a certain divine archetypal energy. This has been my path here.

Now my journey takes me to the final mission, I will call it “Divine Mergers and Spiritual Acquisitions”. I will keep you posted as this one unfolds. It is truly profound beyond words.

Why do I share all of this? I assure you it is not to brag about attaining some illusive and rare spiritual grandeur. It is quite the opposite. It is because one part of my mission is to demystify the ascension/ enlightenment process as millions will be proceeding down this path by choice in this lifetime.  I came in this early phase of the planetary ascension process as a wayshower for others. You see, we are all just walking each other home. We are all the same. The only difference may be how long you have been playing the separation game. I have simply been playing on Earth for a very long time.

So at this stage in my personal journey I offer to you some perspective should you consider choosing to walk your own path to your True Self.

The phrase, “be your true self” is spoken so often, but I could not have possibly understood what it actually meant until I had the experience of removing my false self, layer by layer. We say to ourselves, “I do know myself, I am authentic, I am happy,” however, not until the purification process is completed will we truly understand the self-created illusions we stand within.

I will not be coy about this process as I feel from my personal experience that it is a disservice to coat it with juicy sweet pronouncements of floating away in happiness and bliss as many seem to do. It is true, all that is said about bliss states and a new beginning on life beyond your imagination. However, you will need to muster all of your personal will and be totally one pointed in your goal if you are to succeed. You must also be willing to take 100% responsibility for all you have created in your life to take this epic journey.

You will need to face the reality that you have created everything you are experiencing. The bigger part of you is an immense Creator Being playing the game of what you are not. This is one of the most difficult pieces for many to accept. It is a challenging teaching, but an essential one to being able to walk through the alchemical fires of purification.  We are all being invited to step into our maturity as the race of humanity and become the Fully Conscious beings we were all created to be.

Should you choose this path, I know that you can do it. I know this because I remember who you really are; a perfect and eternal being of light having the experience of imperfection in density and polarity. Of course I will speak more to all of these concepts as I progress with this journal, so if this raises any fear or confusion, be assured, there is nothing to be worried about! Far from it!

When one realizes how ordered and loving the Creative Source is you will laugh with joy. When it was said “not a sparrow goes unnoticed”, it was so true!  You have a literal army of divine beings at your service as your personal team for this process if you choose to take on the endeavor.

For now I offer myself as a guide to help you on your way if you so choose it. And I must say what an honor to serve you my loves!  It is my mission here to develop a “non” mystery school over the coming years, as there shall be no more mysteries in the this New Golden Era.  This task  will take a bit of time, but we start where we are. In the meantime I can offer my guidance and perspective to you on a more individualized level.

It is a delight to see you again brothers and sisters of the light. We have traveled far and wide to be here at this magical time. Be assured we are not strangers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With All My Love,

Elaine Marie

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