Dear Beloved,

An Awakening PlaceIn the passing darkness of times past the Path of Wholing and its course work would have been deeply guarded and only shared by word of mouth from teacher to student, guru to chela, as the great mysteries of life. These schools were known as mystery schools for this reason. Today we have embarked upon the beginnings of a New Golden Era of Light and no more will these teachings be shrouded is secrecy and mystery. Today we are unfolding schools for awakening.

The Path of Wholing is An Awakening Place.

In this time of planetary awakening there are no more external gurus and chelas. Your guru is within you. It is your Knowing Self Within. Each person contains the seeds of self mastery within them. Those of us who are hosting these Places of Awakening are merely guides. We are old souls who came to point the way to the opening of the narrow gates of the true path within you. We are here to assist, to support, to nurture and to nudge your our inner knowing back into wholeness. You are the Master and the student all in one. This tremendous miracle need no longer remain hidden.

I welcome you to the Path of Wholing, An Awakening Place. Seek here to find the joyful triggers for your own knowing.

I hold this intention for you in my heart… May you find your Bliss and may you emerge Victorious in the Perfection of your own Light!

Your humble servant,

Elaine Marie


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