Distance Energy Healing Session


What to expect

My spiritual path has led me to work directly with my Higher Self and other Ascended Masters, Archangels and Beings of Light as a shamanic sound and light healer. Working as a bridge or a conduit for higher dimensional energies, I channel accelerated vibrational frequencies of sound and Language of Light and radiate them through my own field into yours to shift and release energy for you and to quicken your own natural wholing process. Each session is unique and guided by my Higher Self and the other Ascended Masters, Devas, Archangels and other divine Beings of Light who present for you to assist with your healing process.

About My Distance Healing Services

How does multidimensional sound and light healing work exactly?

Everything is vibrational. In science class you learned that what appears as matter is actually made of mostly space and a few vibrating particles assembled as atoms and molecules. When we ascend our energy field through conscious ascension we are able to rewrite the codes for how these particles vibrate and excite them to higher frequencies that cause a reorganisation and reharmonizing, which we would call “healing”. Sound and light are also the vehicles to provide direct programming instructions to the particles to behave in different ways. Because of my work with the Masters, Archangels and my Higher Self I have significantly raised my “light quotient” or the frequency of vibrational light in my energy field. It is a rule of the universe that a higher vibrating field can effect and change a lower one. This means that with your permission I can assist you in making changes and accelerating your field while you are on your own path and working towards raising your own light frequency. This translates to healing effects in the energy field. All dis-ease in the body and mind begins as disharmony and blockages in one of the multiple layers of the energy field

 “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”  Albert Einstein


I work with my HIgher Self and a team of Masters, devas and archangels to channel accelerated vibrational frequencies from higher dimensions as a bridge for you to shift and release energy in your field and to quicken your own natural evolution process. As we make changes to and clear the casual level higher dimensional fields, you will begin to see and perceive changes in your physical reality and your mental and emotional states as you shift your perceptions, begin to vibrate at a higher level and raise your consciousness.

Clearing and Dense Energy Release – This vibrational healing technique assists in the dissolution and release of unwanted, deeply embedded and dense energetic vibrations and patterns in the energy body or aura that cause symptoms of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease.

Language of Light and Sound Accelerations – Your cells are already encoded with the resonance patterns to re-awaken in this time. I provide a high resonance vibrational frequency to quicken and accelerate your own natural awakening. I call this Vibrational Wholing as it uses higher vibration multidimensional imprints as templates to restore and accelerate the expansion of your own latent and potential vibratory states.


Session Cost Distance Healing 

30 minute session by phone $55

60 minute session by phone $88

90 minute session by phone $144

Once payment is received I will email you to schedule your session. Please specify your session duration in your paypal payment memo. 

For more information, send an email to Elaine Marie at elaine@pathofwholing.com


Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and can totally relax and allow the process to unfold.  You can sit or lay down or even sleep while you allow the energy to do its work. You do not need to do anything as all light energy is spiritually guided and knows what you need in this moment for your highest healing and well being.

Every person is different so every experience will vary.  Many people report feeling energy moving through their body, light pressure in the body (releasing of energy blockages ), warmth in the body, tingling sensations, uplifting sensations, and seeing different colors. Others report feeling nothing and seeing nothing. Be certain the energy is working even if you feel nothing physically. We are working in your energy bodies and chakras primarily which are not directly connected to body sensations.

Allow yourself to let go and totally relax into the process. Release what is troubling you in this moment whether pain, accumulated stress, worries, or traumas. Relaxation and surrender are key to receiving the full benefit of this healing light.

I will be sending you energy via other dimensional channels which will connect into your higher energy bodies and then transfer to your physical body.

The energy will start to heal you an all levels; mental/emotional/physical/spirit. When this light encoded energy, which is the frequency of Divine Love, starts entering into you field lower vibrational energy will begin to clear and purge out of your system, and lower vibrational blocked energy will start to adapt to high vibrations and begin to release.

Healing can assist with removing:

  • layers of suppressed emotions
  • negative charge and stress from your chakras, organs and glands
  • fear from the Soul
  • past, present and future timelines of negative or unresolved energy
  • mental blockages

Healing can:

  • start to heal and activate your DNA
  • balance, align and begin to clear chakras
  • start to clean your energy channels
  • bring pure light/love into your cells
  • raise your vibration / frequency
  • sooth ascension symptoms
  • lift your heart vibration on pink frequency of Divine Compassionate Love
  • ground you
  • accelerate the raising of your consciousness
  • activate your energy body into higher states

After The Session

After the session drink at least 3 large glasses of pure filtered water to facilitate removal of the unwanted energies.  The day of the session and the day after you may experience detox symptoms such as tiredness, sleepiness, irritability, need for more water and possibly headache. All these signs are great indicators that your body is releasing and purifying via its natural processes.The old energy is leaving your system and during that time I recommend you stay as quiet and relaxed as possible and give yourself extra love and self-care, drink plenty of pure water or watery fruits, meditate, or go for a walk in nature to allow the process to unfold. You may also notice some emotions or memories surface to be witnessed and released. Just breath and let go.

After the session others sometimes also report feeling energised, full of love, experience uplifting emotions, clarity, understanding, deep peace and tranquility, and much lighter and happier states of being.


There are healing sessions and there are life upgrades! With you, every session has felt like an UPGRADE! I love your sessions for their amazing CONTRIBUTION in my reality. Being a multidimensional healer, you beautifully tap into divine energies and clear away the path so effectively! I’m a spiritual healer too, so I know exactly the dynamics of the energy world and healing and hence for my own personal ascension. I can rely on you! Your healings are path breaking and an accelerated growth to EVOLUTION! I hIghly recommend your session to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level! I love your vivid description of your session that you facilitate and it makes me feel utterly loved and supported by the Universe! Earth needs beings like you to THRIVE! Lots of love, light and Gratitude.

Sheetal, India

My healing session with Elaine Marie was truly transformative.  The next day (and each day since!) I woke up feeling clearer, brighter and more powerful than I can remember feeling in a very long time.  During the healing, my difficult relationship with my daughter was given attention to and there is a marked change in the way we interact with one another now.  I’m so grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me.

Gabrielle, USA

My healing with Elaine Marie was unique! During the healing I fell into a deep kind of state where I was far away…not asleep, but far away. As if someone had given me an injection. After the healing I felt I had been given loads of fuel and increases in my femininity. Afterwards my life also showed improvements in areas I have been struggling with for a long time. I managed to make decisions I’ve been struggling with for many years. My glow started to return and I felt more present in my own body. I went closer to what happiness is to me!

Rachel, Finland

The healing that Elaine Marie shared with me opened my physical body’s energy pathways and helped me to reexamine and question my limiting beliefs and behaviors. The shift was almost instantaneous and it was profound. The transformation has been non-stop. The lessons started to present themselves one after another. It’s as if I was in this whirlwind of energy that was taking me from one new level of awareness to another. I felt a very palpable disentanglement of the fear, which gave me the courage to proceed with what I was being called to do.”

Dr. Ahuja, USA


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