The Path of Wholing ™ leads us to our own unique inner wisdom

Having traveled the sacred path of ascension and embodied my own Divine Self, I am here to guide you on your own journey of transcendence. I stand in service to my own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery.
I founded the Path of Wholing as a bridge for you to return to your own inherent spiritual wholeness.

As a rose priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, musician, teacher, guide, artist and writer, my goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!

My Higher Self is the Lady Ascended Master Lain’ai (Lay-Nay) Mele’ha (Mey-Ley-Ha) Ana. She is on the Omega (feminine) aspect of the First Ray of God’s Will and Power. Her aura is a beautiful shimmering crystalline silver and blue, like ice crystals. Her aura moves into the darker blues of the teacher and leader aspect of the ray. Master Lain’ai is a Master from Lemurian times, and Mele’ha means teacher or leader. She is a Master of humility within the First Ray. Master Lain’ai looks Scandinavian, with long blond hair, often piled on her head in an intricate braid. Her build is strong. She is quite tall, standing at 6’3” Her eyes are a dazzling crystal blue like her aura. She likes to appear in crystal blue gowns and tiaras, dressed like a queen or goddess, appearing elegant and serene. Or she can appear as a strong warrior in studded leather armour. She can be a demanding teacher. Through her silver aspect demonstrates divine power and authority. She teaches the mastery of aligning with Divine Will and Power. She holds the archetypal energies of the quintessential Goddess/Divine Feminine. She can help you learn how to move from a lower notion of human attachment based love to divine unconditional love and how to balance the masculine and feminine energies. She will teach about sacred relationships and the pathway of twin flame union, which she calls the Path of the Beloved. With her Twin Flame, they hold energy and healing for twin flames, and the challenging twin flame journey.

Here is a picture of her aura colors. It is difficult to capture the beautiful crystalline quality using a graphic.

She has channeled to me all the content for my healing and guide offerings and courses and retreats.

What is the Path of Wholing?

Our physically, emotionally and mentally wounded self is the result of a deeply fragmented and weakened energy body. It feels painful and heavy and holds many distortions that we have lived as our realities in many difficult 3rd dimensional lifetimes. (learn more about 3D in my free course Moving From Fear to Love)

This wounding is reinforced internally by our conditioned belief structures and externally by a false matrix overlay program that is broadcasting 24/7.

The key to unlock these distortions is the magic of our innate ability to change our biology and therefore our reality, by shifting out of these old familiar density patterns and into vibrational states of restored quantum wholeness. I call this process Quantum Wholing.

The pattern of quantum wholeness is always available to us as a living potential, but will not actualize until we align with its resonant frequency as a steady state of being. This takes PRACTICE! Hence the underpinning of every true spiritual path is practice and persistence. It is a process of deep transformation. It takes time. It takes courage. It takes commitment.

The Path of Wholing is a process I have co-created with Master Lainei that is based on my own journey and remembrance in this time and space of Earth’s present journey. It is a process to map, understand and navigate our individual healing and restoration. It is a process of remembering, of conscious deconditioning and of reprogramming higher frequency states.

All of my offerings have this Quantum Wholing process as their core framework.

Practice makes perfect Beloveds! 

My Sacred Lineage

I am an embodiment of the Ascended Lady Master Lainei Mele’ha Ana. As a soul/spirit we have walked with Mother Earth for many ages remembered and many long forgotten in the epic history of our human collective of souls. As an ancient starseed from Sirius B and a Lemurian ascended soul, Master Lainei has returned to embody her own mythical self as a shamanic tantric priestess lineage holder of the Elders of MU and the Sisterhood of the White Rose. As Elaine Marie Rose, I walk in this lifetime in service as the embodiment of  Master Lainei’s wisdom and light and in service to the Divine Mother as a messenger of love, peace, balance and harmony. We have co-created a mystery school for the return of the divine feminine, offering ancient wisdom teachings to retrain and reawaken the temple arts of priestess and priest of the Divine Mother.

How May I Serve You?

It is my intention to create a mirror for you to see more clearly and a road-map for your remembrance. You are the creator of your biology and your reality and ultimately each soul must be empowered to remember their abilities to heal themselves.

Are you ready to recognise and develop a deeper relationship with your sacred higher knowing and wisdom?

Utilise my personal guide, coaching and healing services, articles, ascension tools, courses and workshops to work wherever you are on your spiritual journey. It is my honor to assist you in reconnecting with your own profoundly powerful and inherent ability to communicate and rejoin with your own Source.

Email me to set up an initial consultation to share your growth and healing intentions with me and we can craft a unique platform in person or via Zoom session to support your personal and spiritual evolution process.

Many Blessings
Elaine Marie Rose

Read more about my personal ascension journey! I contributed as one of thirteen biographies to this project that helps us to understand the modern ascension process. You can purchase the book here! Or your can purchase at other major book sellers like Amazon etc.








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