My Coaching Approach

Locating your Authentic Self

We move through our lives as fragmented beings, hiding behind a compartmentalized facade we create to fit in and seem normal to others around us. We show only the parts of our selves that conform to a mass consciousness that tells us when and how we will be “acceptable”.

The purpose of our Being is to express our Authentic Self. We are all imprinted with a deep desire and longing to walk in this world as this true self. Unfortunately the world provides an experience of wounding, conditioning and fragmentation that blocks us from actualizing this state of self-actualization.

Using my process of Authentic Self Wholing™ Work through my coaching, my healing or my coursework, you will learn to begin to trace the cycling and fragmenting patterns and limiting beliefs that are causing pain, trauma, dissatisfaction, stagnation and discomfort in your life.

Unearth the unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears that lead to unbalanced and repetitive mental and emotional states that can result in discord in your relationship with self, to others and to the world around you.

Once we become aware of these hidden patterns we are then able to take a step back and work with them in a new way with the goal of releasing and overcoming our conditioned self.

What is the conditioned self?

The conditioned-self was created by expectations and learnings from our culture, religion, family of origin, experience of relationship, societal norms, mass media messages and images, and educational and working environments that are NOT reflective of who we truly are.

These conditioned leanings have driven us to fragment, compartmentalize and repress certain parts of our being in order to “fit in”.

Move towards a genuine and grounded way of uncovering and becoming the REAL YOU. I offer life coaching for your personal growth and spiritual coaching to assist with your soul’s evolutionary path.



Please contact me for an initial consultation session to learn more about my coaching packages or we can craft a process that is custom fit for your personal and/or spiritual development needs.


The coaching practices that Elaine Marie shared with me opened my physical body’s energy pathways and helped me to reexamine and question my limiting beliefs and behaviors. The shift with these practices was almost instantaneous and it was profound. The transformation has been non-stop. The lessons started to present themselves one after another. It’s as if I was in this whirlwind of energy that was taking me from one new level of awareness to another. I felt a very palpable disentanglement of the fear, which gave me the courage to proceed with what I was being called to do.”

Dr. Ahuja, USA

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