Ascension Science Level One


January 14 -29  2019, Santa Elena Colombia

Enlightenment, the Tao, Nirvana, Ascension, Salvation, Mysticism, Gnosis. We have heard these elusive, esoteric terms spoken by Master Teachers and lineages throughout the ages. But what do they actually mean? And more important, are they relevant and possible for you or only for a rare and chosen few saints, saviors and gurus?

We are in the times of Ascension, and these heights of spiritual knowing are indeed available to any who seek to climb the highest mountain of consciousness.


What does it mean to arrive at the destination of Ascension?

Elaine Marie offers an introductory course to hear a clear and de-mystified explanation of this Universal Curriculum as it has been taught around the globe for as long as humankind has asked these questions. The approach is inclusive of all the spiritual and religious lineages, as in their highest form, and when not distorted by the faulty lens of the consciousness of separation, we can find great gems of truth within each. The word religion and the word yoga,  so misunderstood in today’s usage and teachings, both mean  to join or to unite. It is my goal to lead you to a greater understanding of the end point of the spiritual path in your journey so you can live the life of joy, abundance and effortless grace that is your birthright.

Ready to Tackle The Highest Mountain of Self?


Introduction to Ascension Science

The Path of the Four Sacred Freedoms

Alchemy Based Practice

Tantra Yoga and Breathwork

Preparing for Meditation

Introduction to Kriya Yoga Practice

Advanced Healing Practices



Your Guide

Elaine Marie

Elaine Marie founded the Path of Wholing as a bridge for you to return to your own inherent spiritual wholeness. As a priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, musician, teacher, guide, artist and writer, her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within. As an old soul she has returned with a Bodhisattva vow in this time of planetary ascension to embody the Divine Mother Goddess archetypal energies.  As a lineage holder of the Magdalene and the Mary Path, and a priestess of the ancient White Rose Sisterhood, she shares her innate wisdom of the feminine divine via the mysteries of sacred sexuality and body awakening and through her deep experiential knowledge of modern ascension science. She has worked with the Ascended Masters, archangels and other ascended beings as a high initiate and adept of the spiritual ascension process and now turns to be of service as a wayshower for others to follow the path of deep remembering. In this introductory immersion retreat, Elaine Marie demonstrates how to permanently and profoundly heal the body, emotions, mind and spirit in order to raise the consciousness, which is the foundation of our personal evolution

Delicious and Nutritious Vegetarian Meals

We are serving two healthy vegetarian meals each day spaced later in the day to encourage intermittent fasting as a part of the body’s purification process. We highly recommend not eating after the early evening meal, but this is optional. You will need to provide your own food if you choose not to fast for a later evening time meal.



The Rhythm and Flow of our Days

Early Morning:​ Meditation and Yoga Practice
Mid- Morning: ​Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Late Morning:​ Group Session
Mid-Day:​ Free time to relax, unwind, check in with the world, go for a cloud forest hike on the property’s Parque Arvi boundary or whatever your heart desires
Late Afternoon​: Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Early Evening: ​Group Session

The Setting

The Rose Heart Temple is located near the beautiful small town of Santa Elena nestled high in the Andes mountains that surround Medellin, known as the City of Eternal Spring.  Medellin is Colombia’s most modern and most beautiful city, where high rises tower out of blankets of green forest below them and reach up the mountain sides. In Santa Elena we enjoy a tropical high montane cloud forest ecosystem with stunning biodiversity amid rugged mountain terrain with many wetlands, streams and creeks, a mystical cloud cover that can drift through the property at any time during the day, and lush native tropical vegetation. Local soils are rich with nutrients that local farmers enjoy for growing an abundance of tropical and local varieties of flowers, many of which are exported to international markets abroad. Santa Elena is also the birthplace of the ornate flower arrangements called silletas that are the cornerstone of the Flower Festival or Feria de Las Flores in Medellin.


With a beautiful warm and sunny climate during most days in dry season and cool mountain evenings, our land offers a wide variety of flora and fauna and an amazing array of wild tropical bird species. We are also located on the boundaries of the National Parque Arvi, an 28,000 acre protected natural reserve area with many hiking trails right out our back door.


Santa Elena is a popular weekend destination for Medellin and offers a variety of artisan restaurants, cafes, spas, and a yoga dome. With its laid back rural villages, Santa Elena and the surrounding local pueblos are safe and friendly places to wander and the local Colombians are warm people eager to greet you with a neighborly “buenas!”

Pricing for Retreat Only

INVESTMENT =$2111 US (without lodging and meals)
(see lodging details below)

Price includes:

  • Retreat guidance from priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, artist and writer Elaine Marie
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and movement practices
  • Daily activities and processes that support the transformative journey into personal magnificence
  • Guided ceremonies and spiritual processes
  • 2 healthy, vegetarian, mostly organic** meals per day, snacks and fruit, filtered water, herbal tea and juice
  • Group transportation on May 12 from José María Córdova International Airport to Finca Lemuria and on June 2 from Finca Lemuria to José María Córdova International Airport

**When possible, ingredients come from our organic vegetable and herb garden and other organic sources.

Price does NOT include:

  • International airfare to/from home city to Medellin’s José María Córdova International Airport
  • Transport between Medellin and Finca Lemuria outside designated group transport times
  • Lodging
  • Two healthy vegetarian meals each day
  • Any accommodation arrangements outside the Finca Lemuria
  • Other meals and beverages not noted
  • Gratuities
  • Miscellaneous expenses (i.e. phone calls, laundry, personal expenses, shopping)
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Personal healing/spa sessions
  • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance (HIGHLY recommended)

Pricing for Meals


We are serving two healthy vegetarian meals each day spaced later in the day to encourage intermittent fasting as a part of the body’s purification process. We highly recommend not eating after the early evening meal, but this is optional. You will need to provide your own food if you choose not to fast for the third meal.


Pricing for Lodging Options


Finca Lemuria has limited Glamping Lodging options available on the property.  These options are provided on a first come/first serve basis. It is recommended that you stay on the property to maximize the benefits of the retreat, so get your reservation in early.  

Bamboo A-Frame Sleeping Huts with single mattresses and bedding provided (double hut shown in photo)





HUTS 1-4 Share a Community Bathroom 


$15US (32000 COP) a person a night as a single- 15 nights  $225 US


$15US (32000 COP) for a shared occupancy (one of two single beds) 15 nights  $225 US


$18US (38000 COP) per person for double occupancy (one of two single beds)  15 nights  $270 US


$18US (38000 COP) per person for double occupancy (one of two single beds)  15 nights  $270US











Santa Elena offers a variety of accommodation options from simple to high end via airbnb and local hotels/hostels. We can provide some recommendations for off-site accommodations by request, but you are responsible for your own booking and transportation to and from the finca. We highly recommend staying on the finca to receive the full community immersion experience.

TOTAL RETREAT PRICE INCLUDING LODGING  depends on on-site lodging option

This price range only covers onsite accommodations. If you choose off-site accommodations they are charged by the location separately and you are responsible for your transportation to and from the finca.


  • Early Bird Registration by November 15, 2019 receive $150 off the retreat price of $2111

To register:

  • 50% of full price non-refundable deposit 
  • Include:
    • EMAIL
    • 1st & 2nd Choices for LODGING


  1. Minimum of 4 people required
  2. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 7 participants
  3. 50% non-refundable deposit due at registration; 100% due on or before December 1, 2019


Travel to Colombia

A valid passport is required for entry into the country. Colombia offers a no hassle visa upon arrival procedure and there is no pre-entry requirement to receive a 90 day tourist visa. You will fly into the José María Córdova International Airport which is the second largest and most modern airport in Colombia. Roundtrip group shuttle transportation to and from the airport to Finca Lemuria are provided and included in the retreat price for your convenience



Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today.

Early Bird Discount if registered by November 15, 2019

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! We are happy to answer them for you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask.

To register and reserve your spot email Elaine Marie at or contact Elaine Marie via WhatsApp at +1 303 328 7368