Journey Through the 7 Gates: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Masters

Pre-recorded Wisdom Transmission Sessions are delivered each week along with home exercises and rituals



A seven week journey with seven of the Lady Ascended Masters. As we travel through each gate we will explore the archetypal divine energy that each Lady Master holds and receive the wisdom transmissions of the Sacred Feminine.

Elaine Marie is honored to co-create this seven week exploration with the seven Lady Masters. The course includes seven one hour prerecorded mp3 wisdom transmission sessions with Elaine Marie. Learn more about the Lady Masters and receive seven weekly sacred self-inquiry exercises and rituals for self-exploration and deepening into your own personal journey into the wisdom and energies of these ancient Divine Feminine teachings



Gate One: Lady Master Portia, Goddess of Justice and Karmic Responsibility



Gate Two: Mary Magdalene, Goddess of Love and Sexuality



Gate Three: Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Power




Gate Four: Mother Mary, Divine Mother and Compassion



Gate Five: White Buffalo Calf Woman, Grandmother of the 13 Clans



Gate Six: Kali, Goddess of Death and Rebirth



Gate Seven: Isis, Goddess of Magic, Alchemy and Ceremony





Your Guide

Elaine Marie founded the Path of Wholing as a bridge for you to return to your own inherent spiritual wholeness. As a priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, musician, teacher, guide, artist and writer, her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within. As an old soul she has returned with a Bodhisattva vow in this time of planetary ascension to embody the Divine Mother Goddess archetypal energies.  As a lineage holder of the Magdalene and the Mary Path, and a priestess of the ancient White Rose Sisterhood, she shares her innate wisdom of the feminine divine via the mysteries of sacred sexuality and body awakening and through her deep experiential knowledge of modern ascension science. She has worked with the Ascended Masters, archangels and other ascended beings as a high initiate and adept of the spiritual ascension process and now turns to be of service as a wayshower for others to follow the path of deep remembering.



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