Moving from Separation to Unity Consciousness

 ONLINE COURSE- A Roadmap for Moving from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness

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The illusion of our separateness from each other causes the vast majority of the dis-ease that we face as individuals, societies and as a race of humanity. Learning to identify the false premises of the separation consciousness that pervades our world today can assist us in overcoming some of our core illusions of self and other. It is these illusions that keep us looped into the cyclical phenomena of duality and its coerced reactions to the world. 

In this online course you will learn:
What are the 3rd and 5th dimensions?
How and why is the 3rd dimension going away?
—What is the New Earth?
—What is consciousness?
—How can we map or measure the evolution of our consciousness?
—What is separation consciousness?
—What is unity consciousness?
—How can we evolve to unity conscious beings?
—How can we cope with and prepare ourselves for these New Earth changes?



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