Becoming the Beloved Sacred Union Mentorship

When two authentic Beloveds show up face to face, then we begin to see ecstatic levels of deep intimacy, joy, fulfillment and unconditional freedom based love that we all dream of having in our lives.

As with all true spiritual paths, we must begin by going within.

If you ask the majority of people their deepest hopes and desires, many, if not most will list a fulfilling, loving, fun and passionate partner relationship as a high or perhaps the highest dream of their life. If you find yourself in this category, my BECOMING THE BELOVED MENTORSHIP can truly begin to shift you into this reality.

This program is a unique and personalized journey into your own deepest challenges and blocks when it comes to attracting or building the sacred union of your dreams.

We will explore your relationships from the perspective of healing, consciousness, spiritual evolution and the existence of anti-love distortion, or fear in your energy body to shed a deep light on the root level of why love repeatedly doesn’t work out and ends up feeling more often like pain, suffering, frustration and dissatisfaction.

This work is Self work and Self in relation to Other. If your goal is to become a more conscious, alive, authentic and self -connected person that is ready to do the inner work to attract a true Sacred Union into your life, this program is for you.

It requires deep inner self-inquiry as the focus. The light will be shining on you, not your partner or past partners. This program is about you getting to know a deeper part of you.

My BECOMING THE BELOVED approach has a deep foundation in spiritual evolution. By using relationship as your spiritual path we can discover uncharted territory within ourselves that holds us back from giving and receiving love unconditionally.

Dissatisfaction in Our Experience of Relationships

In today’s impersonal digital dating world, few are able to say with honesty that they have ever really achieved a totally fulfilling love relationship for more than a short period of time. In fact, when most of us look back at our intimate partnerships we are more likely to see a wasteland stretching back of frustration, perceived failure, unmet expectations and unrealized desires played out over and over again. It may look like the same movie being acted out, repeating the storyline of drama, but with a different cast of characters and a new set.

But don’t be dismayed by this apparent wasteland! Instead, lets pretend its a mine of the most precious gems, waiting to be dug up and polished. This gem field of our past and our current relationship discomforts are like a treasure map to true happiness and fulfillment.

And don’t worry! If you chose the strategy of non-involvement in intimacy because you told yourself that “it was just too much trouble,” and have had few or no deep intimate partnerships, you can also use this work to find your way to your own happiness, joy and contentment AND the relationship of your dreams.

Intimate relationship is totally worth it! But it does require some effort and dedication on your part. While patterns that hold us back from love are 100% changeable, a certain strength of will is needed and a big dose of perseverance.

No meaningful and lasting change can happen in our lives without this focus and dedication.

So if this work sounds intriguing and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in, let’s begin together the most epic journey into self one could possibly take.

I am honored to stand beside you as guide and mentor as you embark on this profound voyage of self-discovery.
Let’s go find you!

Take this relationship pattern quiz to see if BECOMING THE BELOVED is right for you

Do you feel generally unsuccessful or like a failure in your intimate relationships?
Do you constantly struggle to find a partner that is the right one?
Do you have a long standing relationship that feels it is stale and lifeless?
Do you dream of your perfect soulmate but can never seem to get close to actualizing this dream.
Do you find you attract and settle for relationships that do not really fully satisfy and enliven you?
Do you find yourself frequently critical of and frustrated with your partner’s shortcomings and unwanted behaviors?
Do you move on quickly from relationship to relationship from boredom, misalignment or lack of satisfaction?
Do you find you lose yourself within relationship and act in ways that are not totally in alignment with your own inner truth?
Do you hide the way you are feeling for fear you will hurt the other person or make them angry or even leave you?
Do you feel frustrated often that your partner does not really get you, listen to you or see you fully?
Do you find many potential partners seem to play games, or will not make a commitment or be clear about their intentions?
Have you chosen to abstain from intimate partnership by convincing yourself that it is just too much trouble?
Do you feel it is difficult to impossible to communicate what you are feeling or experiencing to your partner?
Do you find that you and/or your partner often feel shut down, uncommunicative, not present or closed off from one another?
Do you feel your partner’s excessive busyness and inattentiveness leaves you feeling unloved, unnoticed and unsatisfied?
Do you find you are often jealous and mistrusting with your partner?
Do you long for more affection and attention from your partner and feel you do not receive enough love to satisfy your needs?
Do you feel you cannot really be all of yourself when in a relationship?

If the answer is yes to two or more of these questions, this course can be a game changer in your life and in your romantic life.


Each Mentorship will be unique to your personal journey. Here are few common areas of exploration.

Mapping our shadow self, understanding and being understood, increasing trust, growing intimacy, routing out harmful hidden beliefs, learning how you need to be loved, releasing our false image of other, the lightness of being playful, the dream, the lie and a new reality of romance, equality and sharing, speaking desires and needs, growing love and appreciation, moving to heavenly heights and coming back to earth again as a couple, sharing a purpose and vision, having integrity, taking responsibility and keeping agreements, showing up instead of shutting down, safety, respect and boundaries, unmasking manipulation and control strategies, facing the ogre of jealousy, letting go of old lovers, dealing with projections, understanding expectations, avoiding co-dependency by growing polarity, supporting vs enabling, serving one another, exploring conscious sexuality,  different models of relationship, growing affection, touch and pleasure beyond pure sex, building community around you

What Does the Mentorship Entail

Becoming the Beloved Mentorship
Wherever you are in your Sacred Union journey we will craft a process to serve your unique needs. In our coaching sessions and with your self-practice work you will move into the space of your own inner landscape and relational map as the exploratory canvas to find the true impulse of Self.

This transformative one to one mentorship experience is only for women who are committed to purifying and transforming their body, emotions, mind and spirit. You must be willing to carve out the time to do the work, both in session and with the self-practice work between session. Change requires dedication and time.

How much time do I need?

The mentorship lasts over a period of 8 weeks. We will meet once every two weeks for in person sessions for personalized development work, teachings and healing. These sessions will be scheduled per mutual agreement once you register.

At home self-practice is the core of the program and I recommend you dedicate a 2-3 hours a week to doing your daily personal practices and self-inquiry work.

TOTAL ESTIMATED WEEKLY COMMITMENT is 3-4 HOURS a week spread over the week


  • 4 bi-weekly 1 hour online personal sessions with Elaine Marie (over an 8 week period)
  • Detailed weekly home practice and self-inquiry assignments for 8 weeks


A payment plan is available if needed. More details are available after our exploration call.

Email me today to set up your mentorship program application exploratory call. This call will allow me to see if we’re a good match to work together. I only accept clients who are dedicated to do the work and make time in their life for this transformative change process. You can reach me at


Elaine Marie Rose is a HIgh Priestess of the Rose lineage, intuitive empath, master shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound alchemist, teacher, guide, artist and writer. Her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!. Having traveled the sacred path of ascension and embodiment her own Divine Self, she now offers her guidance on your own journey of transcendence. She stands in service to her own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery.


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