The Seven Demons of Mary Magdalene

Casting Out the Seven Lies: A Mary Magdalene Initiation 

A seven week offering revisiting and retelling the event of Jesus casting out the seven demons of Mary Magdalene.

In this initiatory journey we will learn that these “demons” are the lies that we have held in the ancestral feminine pain body that we must cast off in order to regain our sovereignty and reinstate our divine innocence.

For each of the seven lies, we will instill Seven New Truths as we work with Mary Magdalene to alchemically clear our cellular memory for seven generations behind and before.


The First Lie: Oppression of Self

The Second Lie: Control of the Body

The Third Lie: The Whore

The Fourth Lie: Heart Disconnection

The Fifth Lie: Silencing

The Sixth Lie: Mentalism

The Seventh Lie: Exile