Take this relationship pattern quiz to see if my online healing course Healing Our Love Imprint is right for you

Do you feel generally unsuccessful or like a failure in your intimate relationships?
Do you constantly struggle to find a partner that is the right one?
Do you have a long standing relationship that feels it is stale and lifeless?
Do you dream of your perfect soul mate but can never seem to get close to actualizing this dream.
Do you find you attract and settle for relationships that do not really fully satisfy and enliven you?
Do you find yourself frequently critical of and frustrated with your partner’s shortcomings and unwanted behaviors?
Do you move on quickly from relationship to relationship from boredom, misalignment or lack of satisfaction?
Do you find you lose yourself within relationship and act in ways that are not totally in alignment with your own inner truth?
Do you hide the way you are feeling for fear you will hurt the other person or make them angry or even leave you?
Do you feel frustrated often that your partner does not really get you, listen to you or see you fully?
Do you find many potential partners seem to play games, or will not make a commitment or be clear about their intentions?
Have you chosen to abstain from intimate partnership by convincing yourself that it is just too much trouble?
Do you feel it is difficult to impossible to communicate what you are feeling or experiencing to your partner?
Do you find that you and/or your partner often feel shut down, uncommunicative, not present or closed off from one another?
Do you feel your partner’s excessive busyness and inattentiveness leaves you feeling unloved, unnoticed and unsatisfied?
Do you find you are often jealous and mistrusting with your partner?
Do you long for more affection and attention from your partner and feel you do not receive enough love to satisfy your needs?
Do you feel you cannot really be all of yourself when in a relationship?

If the answer is yes to two or more of these questions, this course can be a game changer in your life and in your romantic life.

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