Emotional Mastery SERIES- Moving From Fear to Love

Are you wanting to move away from fear, disappointment, sadness and pain and into a life of love, harmony and balance?

Do you find it difficult to manage your thoughts and emotions and feel that life is just too intense sometimes?

Are you living your soul’s authentic purpose?



Learn how to heal your fear-based limiting beliefs and emotions to become your Authentic Self


INTRODUCTION TO EMOTIONAL MASTERY LEVEL ONE – A five week self-paced introductory course to the series

DEEPENING INTO EMOTIONAL MASTERY LEVEL TWO- An eight week self-paced online course that is a deeper dive into profound self-inquiry and the beginning of exploring expanded positive emotional states

EMOTIONAL MASTERY LEVEL THREE COMING HOME- A nine week self-paced online course the solidifies the consciousness raising tools and techniques of emotional mastery to help you be the most authentic you and to live the best life you can envision for yourself!

What is Emotional Mastery?

Emotional Mastery is about freedom from fear, learning to find balance and standing in your authenticity.

Emotional Mastery is the freedom from fear of experiencing our full range of emotions.

Fear causes us to deny and suppress our feelings and emotions in order to maintain conditioned behaviours that we’ve been taught are acceptable.

It is not about perfection and maintaining a false sense of poise and control. It is not about “getting a grip” on ourselves so we can act out a contrived and forced appearance of balance and “togetherness.”

  • The first step in Emotional Mastery is to allow our emotions and feelings to become an acknowledged part of our experiences.
  • The second step in Emotional Mastery is the art of restoring balance when we are experiencing difficult emotional states.
  • The third step in Emotional Mastery is practicing authenticity.

We learn to authentically work with ourselves and others by expressing our truth in each unfolding moment.

Meeting the Conditioned Self

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to hold a false state of emotional control. This false state is based on suppression of our true feelings in order to remain acceptable to the expected behavioural norms around us. We adopt this learning behaviour because we are afraid of losing love and support from those around us and we become accustomed to not speaking our truth in the present moment.

This falsification of self leads to holding energy in our bodies which becomes stuck and leads to emotional, mental and physical pain and illness.

In this course you will learn how to move through the steps of emotional mastery with the goal of becoming a more authentic and alive version of yourself.

Your True Self. Your Authentic Self.

When we approach life as our Authentic Self we are freed from many limiting fears, beliefs and habits that keep us living a smaller version of who we really are.

Emotional Mastery is about finding freedom from our fear based patterns and limitations. The tools in this course invite a discovery and expansion of our Authentic Self, which is based in love, joy and contentment.

Course Fee LEVEL ONE Only $38!



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