As the New Earth energies expand and anchor vibrationally everyday all around us we are changing who we are and we are changing and evolving our models for relationships as well.

We are moving away from a relationship context based in fear, conditionality, control, need fulfilment, and energetic “taking” that characterises the 3D energetic matrix that has fallen away and is no longer supported for creation of our realities.

We are evolving towards a new relationship context based in divine love as we begin to reclaim our connection to the unity energetics of 5D that ignite our memory of our divine and spiritual origins as beings of light and enlivens our knowing of our inherent oneness with Source and All That Is.

How can you accelerate this process of spiritual evolution and return to align yourself and your relationship with the new light energetics flooding the planet? How can you create a higher love that is more satisfying and fulfilling?

Join my Becoming the Beloved Mentorship: A Pathway to Sacred Union with Self and Other

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