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moving from fear to loveWe are in the the times of ascension. Everyone on the planet is being challenged to grow and let go of old 3D paradigms and energetics that no longer serve our evolution into a 5th dimensional world. Mother Gaia is an intense place to be right now, and we are all feeling this intensity in some way in our lives. It can be difficult to understand why our life, work, relationships, families, communities, and society seem to be turning upside down.

But all of this chaos has a grand and ultimately positive purpose. We are breaking down the old 3D energy matrix and anchoring a 5D unity aligned one. All the old 3D ways of being and doing based on fear and separation simply do not work anymore. Everything is changing, even time and the way we relate to time. It can be difficult to hold on to an attitude of gratitude when everything seems to be crumbling around you, but if you can keep choosing surrender and compassion, you can ride the storm of change with grace.

Are you ready to move from Fear to Love?

Fear is based in a form of consciousness called separation consciousness and love is based in a form of consciousness called unity consciousness.  Learn to identify the false fear based premises of separation consciousness that pervade our world today and understand how to begin to move away from fear and towards love.

Enjoy the Free Course!

Many Blessings,

Elaine Marie Rose

What you will learn in this course

What are the 3rd and 5th dimensions?
How and why is the 3rd dimension going away?
—What is the New Earth?
—What is consciousness?
—How can we map or measure the evolution of our consciousness?
—What is separation consciousness?
—What is unity consciousness?
—How can we evolve to unity conscious beings?
—How can we cope with and prepare ourselves for these New Earth changes?






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