Find Your Mythical Self

Find Your Mythical Self

To locate the Mythical Self we must redefine Myth. Joseph Campbell revealed that “myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.” Yet, our standard cultural definition of myth has misled us and caused humanity to fall away from these great keys to our own inner spiritual potential. We are led to believe that a myth is by its nature dubious fiction, an epic drama of creation played out as a fairy tale to be longed for rather than a destiny to be achieved. Myth is termed as fanciful story “with or without a determinable basis of fact of natural explanation.” We have been led to view myth as “a widely held false belief or idea”.

This faulty explanation has swapped myth for the category of superstition. The materialist belief system has taken from us one of our most profound tools for personal transformation and renewal and labeled as “imaginary” the extraordinary non-ordinary reality that lies right next to the ordinary one that we can see and “prove” with our limited physical senses. Materialist science fails to find this extraordinary reality because it lacks the intuition (deemed unreal) to ask the right questions! It is trapped in its own faulty circular logic.

Myth is in truth a “container of consciousness” and a road-map to discovery of the true self, the Mythical Self. The mythical self is not a fictitious one! Far from it!

The ancient sacred mysteries and wisdom traditions across all times and cultures have always had as their goal to reveal the patterns of archetypal energetic ideals behind the manifested form we see with our five senses in physical reality.  These universal archetypes exist beyond time, culture, space or individuals. We can use archetypal energies as a map of our potential evolution, as a catalyst for spiritual transformation, and as a sacred tool for accelerated healing and transmutation that goes far beyond what our limited physical mind can cognize.

Archetypal containers provide us with a blueprint for our own spiritual evolution as they hold the keys to the hidden potentials that lie all around us and within us, remaining outside the detection of our limited physical senses. These holistic geometries of consciousness arise in our subconscious and unconscious minds and make appearances in our dream-time worlds as pointers to larger universal and personal truths. They direct us towards a grander more dynamic and extraordinary reality that lives deeply hidden within each one of us and is pulsing quietly inside our heart waiting for an opportunity to be potenitalized, to be realized, and to ultimately be expressed.

The heroic journey to the Mythical Self is one we are all destined to take as it is in fact our birthright and purpose as potential self-realized, fully conscious beings.

Will you delay your arrival to this epic destination any longer? Will you remain satisfied forever with your mundane everyday life when you could have your extraordinary destiny in its place? Will you become as Buddha and say “I Am Awake”, or will you remain in amnesiatic slumber?

Humanity has for eons been lulled to believe that ordinary reality is all there is. I encourage you, BE CURIOUS, BE ADVENTUROUS!

You just may find that this life is far more than it appears on the surface of things. I embolden you to Go Deeper and be amazed with surprise and awe at the splendor of Creation.

Bon Voyage Dear Ones,

Elaine Marie

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