Healing and Guidance Services

Sometimes we need a larger perspective on life

About My Intuitive Guidance Services

My intuitive guide service offers you insight into your soul’s higher purpose and path

Helps you to unravel confusing relationships or situations in your life

Gives clarity in times of stress and uncertainty and

Helps free you from lack of direction when you feel trapped or paralyzed in your life.


As an intuitive empath I can assist you in receiving insights, information and understanding into past life and karmic causes in your life and help you to find solutions and answers that are aligned with your deepest inner wisdom and knowing.

Are you ready to get realigned with your higher purpose and path?

Let me assist you in exploring your soul and karmic lessons so you can clear them as quickly as possible and move forward with less stress and confusion and more joy and freedom.

Feeling blocked in your manifestation?

We can look at your energy field and see where mental, emotional and karmic blocks are holding you back. I can help you create a powerful process for growth and transformation to move you forward into the highest potentials for your dreams and your best life.

Session Cost for Intuitive Guidance

30 minute session by phone $55

60 minute session by phone $88

90 minute session by phone $144

About My Distance Healing Services

How does multidimensional sound and light healing work exactly?

Everything is vibrational. In science class you learned that what appears as matter is actually made of mostly space and a few vibrating particles assembled as atoms and molecules. When we ascend our energy field through conscious ascension we are able to rewrite the codes for how these particles vibrate and excite them to higher frequencies that cause a reorganisation and reharmonizing, which we would call “healing”. Sound and light are also the vehicles to provide direct programming instructions to the particles to behave in different ways. Because of my work with the Masters, Archangels and my Higher Self I have significantly raised my “light quotient” or the frequency of vibrational light in my energy field. It is a rule of the universe that a higher vibrating field can effect and change a lower one. This means that with your permission I can assist you in making changes and accelerating your field while you are on your own path and working towards raising your own light frequency. This translates to healing effects in the energy field. All dis-ease in the body and mind begins as disharmony and blockages in one of the multiple layers of the energy field

 “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”  Albert Einstein


My spiritual path has led me to work directly with my Higher Self and other angelics and Beings of Light as a shamanic multidimensional vibrational healer. This means I can access and help you resolve and clear causal level dross (energetic blockage and debris) and karma in your energy field. I work with my HIgher Self and a team of Masters, devas and archangels to channel accelerated vibrational frequencies from higher dimensions as a bridge for you to shift and release energy in your field and to quicken your own natural evolution process. As we make changes to and clear the casual level higher dimensional fields, you will begin to see and perceive changes in your physical reality and your mental and emotional states as you shift your perceptions, begin to vibrate at a higher level and raise your consciousness.

Clearing and Dense Energy Release – This vibrational healing technique assists in the dissolution and release of unwanted, deeply embedded and dense energetic vibrations and patterns in the energy body or aura that cause symptoms of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease.

Language of Light and Sound Accelerations – Your cells are already encoded with the resonance patterns to re-awaken in this time. I provide a high resonance vibrational frequency to quicken and accelerate your own natural awakening. I call this Vibrational Wholing as it uses higher vibration multidimensional imprints as templates to restore and accelerate the expansion of your own latent and potential vibratory states.

I also offer shamanic soul retrievals and spirit healing for intrusion removal. Email me for more details.

All healing is available both in person if you are located nearby or via distance by phone session.

Tantric Somatic Bodywork and Massage

When working in person I can also add tantric touch healing via somatic bodywork and tantric message to hasten your healing process. I offer a variety of tantric somatic bodywork options. Please ask if you are interested in this type of healing work and I can provide more details.

Session Cost Distance Healing (or a combination)*

30 minute session by phone  $55

60 minute session by phone  $88

90 minute session by phone $144

*Please let me know what type of session you would like in the comments section of Paypal. If you are not certain what combination you might need just email me, elaine@pathfowholing.com


Payable by Paypal in advance of session  paylpal.me/ElaineMarie

Once payment is received I will email you to schedule your session. Please note the type of session you are booking and your preferred email if it is different that your Paypal account in the notes section. Blessings!

Advanced ASCENSION PATH Healing

For those who have dedicated themselves to walk on the path of ascension a full range of clearing, healing, coaching and teaching services are available for alignment and ascension work. Please email me to inquire about this work.

For more information, send an email to Elaine Marie at elaine@pathofwholing.com


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