Heart Quest- Path of the Four Sacred Freedoms


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The Four Paths to Freedom Formula: An Online Course in Quantum Wholing

What are the Four Paths to Freedom?

There are four key gateways to activating our ascension process. It is a journey we must choose freely and with conscious intention.


Upper Path: Opening the Door and Regaining our Will

We prepare ourselves for a new adventure. We open the door to view new terrain, locate new landmarks for our journey, overcome our second thoughts and resistance to upheaval, and find our resolve to carry forward into the unknown of the inner and unseen worlds.

When we are born, the soul falls into a state of deep amnesia about who and what it is. As a result of this lack of inner knowing and guidance, it resorts to building an understanding of a self that is a false or conditioned self. This is a false mask or identity that is formed as we learn from our environments what parts of self are acceptable and what parts are not. We receive unconscious programming from our parents, our families and their inherited ancestral beliefs, our educational institutions, our religious, social and cultural upbringing, and from the external institutions and media that shape and influence how we think about ourselves. This programming or conditioning creates a fear-based false self that wants to fit in, please others, seek love and acceptance, success, power or any other ego based accomplishment in order to feel good enough and worthy.

We lose our understanding that we are worthy simply by being born, by breathing, by walking around.

The world would have us believe otherwise and so this programming hijacks our free will. We may believe we are choosing our life and making decisions, but we do not realize our ulterior motives for these choices come from a pre-programmed belief system that is not authentic or core to who we are as soul/spirit being. The first step in our ascension is to set our intention to regain our true will, which is our Divine Will. Free will is a precarious idea. It is based on ideas, mental states and emotions that are not in alignment with and disconnected to our Divine Self.

The journey of ascension begins when we choose to realign with our real will, which is the Divine Will of our Authentic Self that we have forgotten due to our experience of amnesia. To do this we must undergo an intense purification and deconditioning process to remove all the false ideas, habits, emotional wounds, judgemental beliefs and preconditioned thoughts that we carry around and believe are “us.”  When we begin this stage of work we are not even conscious of the container that is our perpetual state of being, or our habitat though and emotional patterns that keep us trapped in the false self paradigm.

This is where the term putting on the “beginner’s mind” was coined by enlightened teachers from all past wisdom traditions. We must learn to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and feel from the heart space instead of the preconditioned and judgmental lower mind.


Lower Path: Entering Through the Narrow Gate of Self-Responsibility

We find courage to cross the threshold into the wild and untamed sub-terrain of our subconscious self. Here we begin to encounter a new realm of mystery, seek to locate the lost pulse of our heart knowing and find golden keys for personal transformation.

As souls we have all had the full experience of the dark and the light.

There is a burden to taking our freedom back as sovereign beings. No more can we play the unknowing victim of life in any way. We must stand and take full responsibility for all that has been created. Yes there are forces that have trapped humanity against their will and this of course has happened to me and my family and loved ones. But if we continue to trace the line of cause back further and further we will see that we are all powerful creators and there is nothing that at the soul level we did not agree to participate in and experience.

Radical responsibility is what will be required. It is because we as humanity have not been willing to take this stance of radical responsibility that we have been so easily controlled and enslaved by darkness. It is our own darkness, guilt, shame and fear being used against us. The only remedy is to step into full accountability and self-forgiveness.

No more finger pointing. As each soul takes ownership of their journey there will be no more fingers to point. Collectively this has been our journey, it has been our experience. As a united collective we must have the courage to face this deep inner shadow we hold in our subconscious souls.


Forest of Forgetting: Letting Go into Fierce Compassion and Surrender

We are deep into the journey and cannot turn back. We realize we must release all we have known that has guided us to this point in order to unlock the mysteries and begin anew as our innocent magical child.

Compassionate Surrender is the 3rd Freedom practice. To find a space of compassionate surrender requires a firm footing in the first two freedom practices of WIll and Responsibility. Only with these two keys can we unlock the 3rd, our true freedom from the pain and suffering of our human experiences. Until we can enter into a state of unconditional love and compassion, we cannot live as our true self. When we are still holding on to parts of self that are not whole, that believe they are imperfect or wounded, we cannot walk in our full glory and the authority of a “sun”, son or daughter of Creator. We must be able to see the experiences we and others have had and hold them in a larger container of truth as Divine Truth, which has no judgement attached to it.

We will find that the harshest critic is our egoic inner critic, and we will find a path to unflinching self-acceptance and forgiveness via the practice of fierce compassion. Only in this space can we walk with our true Divine impulses and expressions as natural extensions of our Authentic Self. We must surrender to the experiences we have had, release them and transcend into a space of peace and unconditional love for self and others who are undertaking the journey of the soul into duality.


A New Day: Becoming the Sun by Unlocking Inner Alchemy and Devotion

The final task, emerging from the depths with new sacred tools, gifts and wisdom, we become our Radiant Divine Self.

The mysteries of Hieros Gamos or the sacred marriage. The union of the Beloved. The Quantum Wholing of our being above and below. The gateway to this destination is found in the practice of alchemy and devotion. We must draw our Higher Self, our Spirit Self, back into our bodies by activating out Radiant Lightbody. We must become a home for our inner guru. A beacon and vehicle for the light of our enlightened Divine Self.

Having traveled this sacred path and embodied my own Divine Self, I am here to guide you on your own journey of transcendence. I stand in service to my own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery. As a Blue First Ray soul, the Ray of Divine Will, my Higher Self, the Lady Ascended Master Lainei Mele’ha Ana, is a master teacher of aligning with your own Divine Will.

COMING SOON an online course of the Four Freedom Practices for Quantum Wholing.

Master Lanei has channeled a series of online courses. Each have the underlying process of Quantum Wholing.

Emotional Mastery, Wisdom of the Feminine Divine Masters (co-created with seven other Lady Masters)  and Becoming the Beloved  Each will introduce you to this process of self-discovery and remembering.


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