Mastering Inner Polarity

Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

and Anna (Mother of Mary)

present a profound introduction to the core forces of creation.

It is from this platform of the wisdom of the long absent Feminine Forces of Creation that we can today more deeply understand and recreate this original divine template of union in our lives. 

Why is Inner Balance important?

Yin/Yang is the blueprint for ALL of Creation 

All of creation is based on the harmonic of these two forces. 

We have lived in times of immense imbalance in these powerful forces. We see this massive disruption of divine harmony displayed as chaos, suffering, misuse of power, destruction of the planet and survival mentality in the external world.

Internally we can feel our own imbalance as disharmony and unsatisfactory life experience. 

Because of these massive imbalances in the core creational forces on our planet and within ourselves, we have lost our ability to create sacred healthy relationships, to maintain the immense and breathtaking beauty of our dear Gaia Earth and to manifest our dreams in harmony, peace, abundance and balance.

The divine blueprint for Mother Gaia and our own human lightbody blueprint were intended for peace. This state of wellbeing is our birthright, but because we have lived in a deeply distorted polarity for such a long time, we will need to relearn how to restore our true Divine Blueprint of perfected Yin/Yang or Feminine/Masculine Balance.

How does this imbalance affect our lives? 

It creates major dissatisfactions, limitations, fear and pain in our primary relationships and families.

But it also creates imbalance in our economies and workplaces, in our education, governmental and social systems, in our environment, and in our ability to live from a platform of wellbeing, abundance and peace rather than one of survival, limitation, control, competition and fear. 

These Old Earth structures of fear, lack of freedom and survival are falling down all around us.

We have a chance to learn a new way of being and living. But, we need to learn a bit more about how we got into the position of fear, chaos and control and more importantly, how do we step out of it.

This information and its profound potential for changing your reality are available if you are willing to take the journey of inner transformation. 

This course will give you a foundational understanding of how and why the Old Earth system of fear and control is falling apart, and how a new one is being born at the same time.

When we choose the New Earth reality of 5D, we can step into truly living divine union in our sacred partnerships, we can create a way to make a living that does not drain our energy and deplete our creative life force, and we can begin to build the world around us that we have always hoped and dreamed of. It is within our grasp now. It is real. It is tangible. 

You can choose which world you want to participate in. 

If you have tried law of attraction teachings and they have failed you it is because these teachings do not explain the entire picture. They are not wrong, they are deeply incomplete. This is why so many people have no success manifesting their highest desires or creating sacred partnerships. 

In this course you will learn the foundational understandings for shifting and balancing your polarity frequency into this new realm of divine potential and harmony which will enable you can achieve the dream life and relationship you have always wanted and longed for

Here is what we will learn:

  • What are the yin/yang or feminine/masculine forces? It’s not about gender or bodies
  • We were designed for Unity and Love: Understanding the original blueprint for a human being 
  • What is the difference between 3D Separation vs 5D Unity Consciousness
  • How humanity lost its Divine Blueprint: The fall of consciousness into 3D
  • How 3D human conditioning and fear patterning creates life imbalance 
  • How the gift of balanced healthy relationships or our true manifestation ability are not available when we hold these polarity distortions
  • What is the restoration of the Feminine Forces of Creation on Earth? 
  • What is the restoration of the Divine Masculine Force on Earth? 
  • What is the mystery of the Holy Grail?
  • How to map and heal your inner 3D polarity distortions 


Having traveled the sacred path of ascension and embodied my own Divine Self, I am here to guide you on your own journey of transcendence. I stand in service to my own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery.

As a rose priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, teacher, guide, artist and writer, my goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!


Let me guide you back home to YOU!!

The Course is 4 Weeks


The course is via Zoom

Part of your commitment in your registration is to show up for the course live, unless you have a real life activity, or time zone problem that causes you to miss the live course. You are making an investment in your own personal growth. It is important for you to show up for yourself and make this time and work a priority in your life in order to see results.

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