Into the Belly of the WhalePassing through the sixth gate is a disorienting experience of letting go beyond all our wildest expectations and imaginative possibilities. Truly we are Jonah, riding in the wavy belly of the vast whale. All appears lost, but we persevere with centered knowing. There are no reference points as we emerge into higher realms of dimensional consciousness. Time disappears, fear falls away and nowhere can we find a solid footing for our lower self.  It has no place. We become the empty vessel being carried across a raging sea to the other shore. We have no idea what the landing will entail, but our devotional hearts have grown so sound, so hardy, that we cannot help but sing our way into this new dizzying spiral of the unknown. We have let go of the past, have been freed from its wrenching absorptive grips, and have relinquished our hard knuckled hold on the future. We have nothing left but the joy of this present moment. We are in profound love with Creation as we have never experienced it. No longer planning, no longer swimming in the mental soup of our dissatisfactions, no more straining to keep our heads above the water’s fast current; free from human desire and the illusion of this unreal world we drift freely with laughter into the mists of the River of Life.

May you find your courage for the journey to this farther shore.

Blessed Be

Elaine Marie

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