The Dark and Light of Sexuality

As women our sexual life force is the foundation of our power.

Shamanic Rose Priestess Elaine Marie Rose, founder of The Rose Heart Temple Mystery School presents this special dive into the feminine mysteries

Women’s sexual power has been misunderstood, feared, suppressed, distorted, misused and debased for a long period of time on this planet. In this incredible online four week course take a journey back to the true understanding of the ShaktiFire power of the Feminine Divine.

Learn what this powerful energy actually is, how it became fragmented, distorted and lost, how to use it as it was intended for sacred higher purpose, and how to cultivate and activate it within yourself to access your divinity.

Online Zoom formatĀ 


Week One: What is Sexual Energy?- Your Divine Template

Week Two: The Dark of Sexuality- The Fall and Fragmentation of Life

Week Three: The Light of Sexuality- The Rising of Serpent Power

Week Four: Sacred Union Within- The Restoration of Life

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for women interested in

  • Understanding and learning more deeply about the sacred higher use and purpose of this powerful energy
  • Exploring in a non-judgemental container how she may be misusing this force within her
  • Learning about, managing and cultivating her own sacred sexual being
  • Individual sacred sexuality practice with herself or with her beloved
  • A call to the Rose Priestess lineage of Goddess Mysteries

This is a core teaching from the Rose Priestess Lineage.


Is the Mother Goddess calling you? Want to learn more?

Visit the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School Curriculum HERE


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