As profound energies continue to build all around us towards the birthing of the New Earth, time appears to be speeding up. The ever increasing pace of the adventure of life keeps us moving rapidly down the river of life, making harrowing turns here, and rushing past daunting obstacles there. Whether  on the hunt for a new thrill or holding on with bare knuckle grip attempting to avert certain disaster we are all feeling this tempo increase. It is a steadfast delivery of the events of our lives, as the day to day “stuff” that composes physical existence is indeed speeding up and the terrain is growing more challenging. How does one cope?

In a great irony, ancient wisdom tells us that there must be a time for stillness and inner work if we are to live this adventure to full potential. In fact this wisdom tells us we have not even located the true adventure until we depart for a time from this massive whirling distraction some call “the world”.

Stillness is not easy for most. We have been trained from very early to be distracted and keep busy as the proper cadence for the flow of life. Often when we attempt to slow this pace we find ourselves quite uncomfortable. We find ourselves fidgety and restless for some new data to fill the void of this unpleasant sensation of silence. There is nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing to noodle with, nothing to watch, no one and no thing around to take us away to the next momentary segment of the constant external in-filtering of sensory information that keeps us awake. Or so it would seem.

Only once we have exhausted ourselves with filling up from all that is outside ourselves, when at last, this sensory data is withdrawn, we assume it is time for sleep, and so we fall into the dreamy state and are gone from consciousness until we awaken once again.

However, all is not as it seems in this picture of awake and asleep.

Sacred wisdom tells us we must take a time out from sensory experience, for we cannot follow the maxim of KNOW THYSELF, when we are in this state of constant movement.

The main dilemma of this approach to life is that we begin to believe that our busy-ness is us. We define ourselves by it, whether it is our relationships, our familial duties, our work, our talents, our hobbies or our pain. This is as deep as most go in the objective to KNOW THYSELF.

Sages would tell us that this is a shallow adventure.

Only when we still the barrage of sensory events and go within are we able to begin our true journey; the truly epic and heroic voyage that leads us each away from our lives and towards our destiny.  There is but one way to depart for this adventure- the true adventure!

To go within and make contact with the Mythical Self.

Safe passage,

Elaine Marie

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