spiritual awakeningAs the illusion of our ordinary reality unravels itself, it is time to surrender into the incoming energies of our Authentic Self.

We are in an unprecedented time of evolutionary growth and development as a planetary race, and this momentous expansion will require our courage, patience, and cooperation. We are Creator-willed to become  our true selves again by the turn into a new cycle and it will be challenging to resist the accelerating energetics of this dawning New Golden Era.

Now is a time to touch into and bring forward our larger selves. Over so many lifetimes we have each amassed a bevy of divine qualities and gifts, our talents and transformative offerings to the world. To harvest these divine gifts we must allow our deeper knowing to surface and surrender to the archetypal and mythical lineage that lies quietly and patiently inside of us. We have each been given these sacred gifts, and each has a unique contribution to make to the whole. These gifts must be re-birthed into this time and used to uplift and refashion the fragmented soul and to advance our collective evolutionary process. To remain in the old paradigm will prove unpleasant, so let go with a sigh of relief and freedom and release all that does not serve you. It is time to begin life anew.

With the new light energies that are available, these sacred gifts are now awakening within the Secret Chambers of Our Hearts. With the opening of these Golden Doors, the memory of our inner wisdom and knowledge is being activated.  We are remembering how to sing our own unique creation song and to allow ourselves to remember our original language, the language of love and light.

Our unique creation song is held within the resonant field of love and light embodied by all beings. It is our own unique frequency and we are recognized within the Allness by this frequency. It contains the knowledge and memory of Earth’s evolution, of the Soul’s journey into density and duality and the awareness of the Oneness of all life.  In embracing this knowing we are able to discover our origins and to access our destiny as it is encoded within our cells as our Divine Template.  As we reconnect with our ancient origins the flow of energy will move through our cells activating our personal records and allowing us to flow with ease towards our destiny, awakening the memory of our unique purpose, our joyful vows and the reason for being present on this beloved planet at this monumental time.

It is time to gently wake beloved! Are you ready to return?

By Elaine Marie

Triple_Goddess ArchtypeWholing through Archetypal Resonance: Emersion in Authentic Self for Women







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