Rebirth We are in a exciting time of planetary and personal restoration and rebirth.

Our path of return to the field of undifferentiated light and love of Source is being revealed moment by moment and our magnificent souls are reawakening to return to the helm of our earth-bound existence. There is great opportunity in this time to discover what is burdening and weighing down our being and to see what we are holding on to from our past and to let it go.

If we follow and allow the gentle and often subtle urgings of our heart during times of seeming crisis and chaos, we may feel secure on our path, free from our fears and able to maintain clarity even while being challenged with change and transformation all around us. Fears and the need to control our environment and others have dominated our planet for eons and now it is time for us to forgive ourselves for our experiences while in the dense and dualistic realm and do whatever it takes to be reborn as our Authentic Self. We are all potentiated individuations within the One, and have all come to play the game of I AM NOT, but now the time has arrived to put this experience aside and to move into the new cosmic cycle which is unfolding all around us.

The path of return and wholing is not easy, but it is beautiful and miraculous. Upon this Path of Wholing we are gifted with the ability to connect with the constant and ever flowing love and light of the Creator, helping us to move with grace and ease through the difficult and sometimes dark times that accompany transformations.

We are resurrecting ourselves at each moment. Say yes and surrender to this grand and sacred gifting of the return of Self.

By Elaine Marie


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