I heard this morning as I received this download “It is over. Separation is over.” I couldn’t help but crying, from Joy! 

The frequencies on the planet are increasing as never before. We are now with the November New Moon alignments and will move towards the 12:12 gate, the solstice, and into eclipse season in Cancer and Capricorn. Everything up to now has been incremental, but it appears this will be the largest shift yet.

Here are the instructions I received and am passing on to any lightworker who feels open to receive them.

The vision I saw was a vision of each lightworker as a node of light. We have been grounding the grids for many years now, but there was a difference this time. It was like we were about to hit the “GO” button. Everything else was incremental preparation for this. I saw each lightworker as a grounding rod for all that surrounds them. Millions of filaments of light will begin to link together and reweave the 5D unity grid into manifest reality. It will actually COME ONLINE for all, not just for those of us that have been anchoring and experiencing it as lightworkers. 

The December Solstice has always been a powerful energetic gateway for the vibration of peace, which is Divine Love as a frequency, and this continued with Christianity and Christmas just a few days after, as the birth of the Sun, the Son, the Christ, the Divine Child. It is the Birth of the Christ Consciousness on the planet. And this year it seems more poignant than ever.

Our loving Pleiadian guides actually described the incoming energies of 2020 by saying “It will be as if the Sun is rising on the Earth for the very first time.” That is the rebirth!

I am told that the way we ground this grid into actualization the fastest in through our birth families and close friends and soulmates. Even though many of us have been away from our birth families as they often rejected us, hurt us and did not understand why we were different, they are actually the easiest bridges for this network of light to fill in because we have genetic linking through ancestral heritage. So we can transfer the DNA upgrades to them with more ease. 

So I am seeing many lightworkers who are not right now with their birth families, me included, getting called back home to ground in their family/friend/soulmate networks. 

As you share space and time with them, share gently what you are feeling inside of you, even if it feels like it will be risky and disregarded. Speak to forgiveness and compassion, whatever you feel called to share or as the opening comes naturally and it will come. No need to force anything or become evangelistic! 

As you gently SPEAK your truth, your words ground the vibrations even more profoundly into the manifest reality. It is time to go from dreaming the New Earth as a potential to manifesting it, OUTLOUD! 

Even if their analytical mind rejects what you say, you are planting powerful seeds of new consciousness. Your words are like a powerful bridge to their consciousness that has not been linked into the new frequencies. You hold the new frequencies. Your voice carries the light codes for New Earth. You have been clearing and preparing. Now you go to work, Lightworkers! 

And we begin with these intentional words to weave the web consciousness and remembrance of relational connectedness to all life through our families/friends first. 

Practice connecting to everything! Each day send threads of pure love and light to everyone you can think of that you love, to the Earth, to the trees, the birds, the water. Anything and anyone you feel the love in your heart for. And speak it out loud! I Love you! 

With each thread sent the web recreates itself and we reweave heaven and earth together.

Even if being with your family right now seems counterintuitive, it actually makes sense. They are going to be energetically and genetically receptive to you. Even if you don’t see evidence of it at first. Watch carefully. Be patient. You will see subtle shifts, subtle changes. Softenings. Allowings that before would have been impossible. And when they do begin to awaken from the bad dream of separation, they will be confused and disoriented and who will they trust better than you to explain what is happening to them? Who is more credible? 

We will see major shifts as people just wake up like they have been in a long slumber. Be there as a loving guide. But remember you are not there to be everyone’s therapist. Just be love. 

If you did your work well, you should be pretty clear of the energetic entanglements and able to hold a neutral space. If you still need to clear and have entanglements, which we all will, just have patience and compassion for you and for them and stay in the field and stay in the frequency of love even if it seems contrary to what you are experiencing around you. You need to become the vibration of love as best you can, and let go of the separation narratives completely. They are not real. No one did anything to anyone. Let it go. Drop it. It’s over. As a lightworker you know this. You have been training for this for lifetimes.

Dream the new reality of love, connectedness, abundance, whatever your heart longs for. Imagine it is already here. Because it is but a hair’s breadth away. We need to ground into this reality. You have to become a vibrational representation of the New Earth. The more light workers are able to hold this space, the faster it will begin to appear in form. 

Keep life simple, stay with your loved ones as much as possible. Don’t be busy and distracted. Stay still and focus internally to birth the new reality. Look for opportunities for connection and care. Lots of hugs, hold hands, simple kindness and consideration. Just connect in, plug in to your Source alignment and then be your loving self. That’s It! Here we go!!


Elaine Marie Rose


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