Priestess Path


A six day exploration and gathering of the ancient priestess path in Santa Elena, Colombia.

Learn more about the Rose Lineage, clear unneeded blocks and vows from past lives and traumas related to your power and priestessing gifts, explore your unique areas of magic and gifting, sit in sisterhood ritual and ceremony to activate your ancient Rose Womb Codes and open to your divine destiny and calling.


When the ancient priestess path reopens in your awareness, it can be hard to deny the pull. here are some of the signs this is your path…




  • You feel an ancient calling deep in your body that draws you to the Rose. You have been fascinated and in love with the Rose and have it around you all the time without knowing why. Attraction to the Rose Alchemy is a calling back to an ancient knowing and a sacred lineage.
  • You feel called to all things tantra, sacred sexuality and sacred union with a beloved
  • You FEEL the Divine Mother Goddess calling you. She is showing up in your life, in images, archetypes, signs and signals large and small.
  • You feel a gut level instinct of YES! I know this priestess space. But you can’t quite put your finger on what it is you know.
  • You know at some level that you are a past priestess and want to deepen and initiate yourself back into the lineage. You are ready to do your sacred work in the world but lack clarity and focus for how to enliven and form your gifts as the beautiful offerings they are to this world.
  • You know you came here to bring your beauty, but your life is not reflecting the grand plan you feel you had made and intended. You can’t quite locate your full power and purpose.
  • You are drawn to, feel and/or talk with Mary Magdalene or Mother Mary or Isis or another Lady Master from the Rose lineage, and sense they are guiding you back to your calling

If this describes you, you are the perfect participant for the Priestess Path!







Join Elaine Marie Rose as she shares her journey of remembering herself back as an embodied Priestess of the Rose. Sit with your Council of Rose Sisters and emerge yourself back into the mysteries of the sacred feminine wisdom ways.

Join us for our first formal Rose Priestess Gathering at the Rose Heart Temple in Santa Elena, Colombia


Learn more about the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School here

More info coming soon! Email or WhatsApp me if you feel called! WhatsApp 1303328-7368