Are you ready to take a journey into sacred self-inquiry as an act of radical self-care and adventure?

Divine archetypes serve as a container of consciousness and a road-map to discovery of the true self, the Mythical Self.

The Mythical Self is not a fictitious one! Far from it!

We discover the Mythical Self through the magical alchemy of divine archetypes.

Divine archetypal containers provide us with a blueprint for our own spiritual evolution as they hold the keys to the hidden potentials that lie all around us and within us, remaining outside the detection of our limited physical senses. These holistic geometries of consciousness arise in our subconscious and unconscious minds and make appearances in our dream-time worlds as pointers to larger universal and personal truths.

Divine archetypes direct us towards a grander more dynamic and extraordinary reality that lives deeply hidden within each one of us and is pulsing quietly inside our heart waiting for an opportunity to be potenitalized, to be realized, and to ultimately be expressed.

The heroic journey to the Mythical Self is one we are all destined to take as it is in fact our birthright and purpose as potential self-realized, fully conscious beings.

Will you delay your arrival to this epic destination any longer? Will you remain satisfied forever with your mundane everyday life when you could have your extraordinary destiny in its place? Will you become as Buddha and say “I Am Awake”, or will you remain in a state of forgetful slumber?

Humanity has for eons been lulled to believe that ordinary reality is all there is. I encourage you, BE CURIOUS, BE ADVENTUROUS!

You just may find that this life is far more than it appears on the surface of things. I embolden you to Go Deeper and Be Amazed with surprise and awe at the splendor of Creation.

Are you ready to take a journey into self-inquiry as an act of radical self-care and adventure?

Experience the magical resonance of the feminine divine archetypes!

Journey Through the Seven Gates: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Masters: A Course for Women


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