Journey Through the 7 Gates: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Masters





This exceptional course is a seven week journey with seven of the Lady Ascended Masters.

As we travel through each gate we will explore the archetypal divine energy that each Lady Master holds and receive practical and clear wisdom transmissions from the Sacred Feminine.

While this course evolved from the highest vibrations of feminine sacred wisdom, it is designed to be very grounded and useful in your everyday life.

The Lady Masters know you are living in a very challenging time on Earth and that you need simple and effective tools to navigate through the world around you.

This course offers a variety of tools for advanced self-healing and more enlightened perspectives that you can use and apply in your everyday life and relationships to gain more harmony, balance, freedom, and joy.

The Lady Masters provide a very clear and practical approach to living our lives with a flowing grace to navigate through our encounters in the world around us and feel more freed from our own and others wounds and emotional entanglements.

Elaine Marie is honored to co-create this seven week exploration with the seven Lady Masters. The course includes seven mp3 wisdom transmission sessions with Elaine Marie. Learn more about the Lady Masters and enjoy seven weekly sacred self-inquiry exercises and rituals for self-exploration and deepening into your own personal journey into the wisdom and energies of these ancient Divine Feminine teachings




This course is the one my soul needed to deepen my journey and do the work that’s been missing. I was flooded with deep knowing and gratitude that your seven gates course was exactly what I was meant to learn at this phase of my journey for understanding the divine feminine energies that have been calling me for over 10 years but that I kept at an arms length. Thank you for creating this course and sharing your wisdom. I am grateful ?”  Susie
Light altering wisdom! An intimate introduction to seven of the Lady Masters, fostering the growth of these relationships for me. The lessons gave me new perspectives on relationships and situations in my life, and I now have powerful tools to continue to use. I loved the course and the lovely energy of spending time with a Lady Master and Elaine Marie! ”  Gabrielle
Loving, Gentle, and POWERFUL! Elaine Marie changed the way I view the world and my possibilities in it. It enhanced my ability to connect with my own inner wisdom. I came away with great tools to clear my mind, heart and soul. Thank you!” Diane

“I really found the course so helpful. I found myself taking a bit from each session and applying it to my everyday life. There was always something from each session that I needed to hear specifically for that moment! Thank you for this course!” Hali


Are you ready to take a journey into sacred self-inquiry as an act of radical self-care and adventure?

Experience the magical resonance of these Seven Lady Masters and their Sacred Feminine Wisdom transmissions!


Gate One: Lady Master Portia, Goddess of Justice and Karmic Responsibility

Lady Master Portia teaches us to access larger perspectives on justice as seen through the lens of Divine Justice. She encourages us to take responsibility for the container of self that we have created and for the experience this has created around us.



Gate Two: Mary Magdalene, Goddess of Love and Sexuality

Lady Master Mary Magdalene reminds us of the Path of the Beloved to awaken and unite the masculine and feminine polarities that live within us in order to find balance, harmony, ecstasy and deep divine love.



Gate Three: Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Power

Lady Master Pallas Athena teaches us the way of the spiritual warrior to make contact with our will to make change and the power and perseverance to sustain the process of personal growth and evolution.




Gate Four: Mother Mary, Divine Mother and Compassion

Mother Mary teaches us that without compassion there can be no freedom from our own and others sorrow. Deep healing comes from compassion for self and others and she shows us a method to find this place of peace within us.



Gate Five: White Buffalo Calf Woman, Grandmother of the 13 Clans

Lady Master White Buffalo Calf Woman teaches us the Women’s Medicine Way of the original Earth Grandmothers and reminds us of the relations we have to all life within the Sacred Hoop of our existence.



Gate Six: Kali, Goddess of Death and Rebirth

Lady Master Kali-Ma teaches us to walk in the darkness of the abyss and dark realms to unearth the deepest shadows we hide within us that keep us from living our truest and most divine nature and essence. She shows us how to walk through the realms of chaos and be reborn into a bigger version of Sacred Self.



Gate Seven: Isis, Goddess of Magic, Alchemy and Ceremony

Lady Master Isis teaches us about our soul’s purpose and shows us the road to transformation, transmutation and regeneration




Your Guide

Elaine Marie founded the Path of Wholing as a bridge for you to return to your own inherent spiritual wholeness. As a priestess, intuitive empath, shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound vocalist, musician, teacher, guide, artist and writer, her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within. As an ancient Lemurian soul she has returned with a Bodhisattva vow in this time of planetary ascension to embody the Divine Mother Goddess archetypal energies.  As a lineage holder of the Magdalene and the Mary Path, and a priestess of the ancient White Rose Sisterhood, she shares her innate wisdom of the feminine divine via the mysteries of sacred sexuality and body awakening and through her deep experiential knowledge of modern ascension science. She has trained directly with the Ascended Masters, archangels and other ascended beings as a high initiate and adept of the spiritual ascension process and now turns to be of service as a wayshower for others to follow the path of deep remembering. She is a contributing author to the book Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates by Friesen Press


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