Shakti-Flow Consultation


Take advantage of this opportunity for your own journey to wholeness, or extend the gift to a woman you love!❤️🌹🌸
This is a 30 minute Shakti-flow consultation to evaluate how your life force is flowing and a Language of Light Sound Transmission Healing to activate and clear stagnation or imbalances.
Remember spirit cannot flow where energy cannot go.
When your life force pathways are blocked, frozen or imbalanced you cannot be all of you!!
This can look like:
  • Physical symptoms such as extreme and difficult menstruation or PMS, chronic pain and stiffness, digestive disorder, sudden unexplained weight gain or loss, peri or menopausal symptoms, fatigue, mental fogginess, hormonal imbalance, or low or no libido to name only a few.
  • Emotional symptoms like depression, apathy, a sense of overwhelm, fear, and helplessness, sadness, or frequent triggering of hurt, anger and upset.
  • Mentally you can feel foggy and unfocused or have constant racing or cycling negative, limiting thoughts and fears.
These are signs of Shakti-flow disruption.

Schedule your own consultation today or purchase one for a woman you love as a spectacular gift.

I will email you to schedule your consultation once payment is received or contact you to get information regarding your gift purchase. Please let me know in the Paypal notes if this is for you or is a purchase for someone else as a gift. You can also contact me directly at if you have any questions about your session or gift purchase.

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