Shamanic Rose Priestess Apprenticeship

Shamanic Rose Priestess Apprenticeship

The is Level Two in the ROSE HEART TEMPLE MYSTERY SCHOOL Shamanic Rose Priestess Adept Initiate Series.

Having adopted the basic principles of the Rose Priestess lineage taught in Level One, Shamanic Rose Priestess Immersion, the initiate is now stepping forward with a dedication to maturing and continuing onto the the Rose Path of Adept Initiation. Here she is deepened into the mystery teachings of the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

The core focus of this level of training is deeply centered in the physical body and the embodiment practices to prepare the body to receive the mysteries of its full divine inheritance.

12 Sacred Wisdom Transmissions from Shamanic Rose High Priestess Elaine Marie Rose

Upon satisfactory completion each initiate will receive an ordination via the ROSE HEART TEMPLE MYSTERY SCHOOL as a Shamanic Rose Priestess.

The Apprenticeship is scheduled over a 4-6 month period once registration is completed.

Transmission One: Intro to Tantric Yoga for Ascension -Set One

Transmission Two: The Magdalene HeartWomb

Transmission Three: Body Regeneration and ShaktFire Activation

Transmission Four: Birthing the Bliss Body

Transmission Five: The Voice of Goddess, Opening the Divine Resonator 

Transmission Six: Tantric Yoga for Ascension -Set Two 

Transmission Seven: Transmuting Ancient Sexual and Relational Distortions

Transmission Eight- Mastering Polarity as Inner Sacred Union

Transmission Nine: Egyptian Isis Temple Practice

Transmission Ten: The Descent of Innana Venusian Solar Cycle

Transmission Eleven: Ascension Demystified  

Transmission Twelve: Sacred Lightbody Alchemy  


A payment plan is available. There is a 6% service fee for payment plan agreements,

PREREQUISITE- Shamanic Rose Priestess Immersion


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