Shifting Frequency Mentorship

We are experiencing an epic global and collective shift in the consciousness of humanity.

How do we navigate these interesting and challenging times? 

If you are still stuck in stress, victim points of view, fear, toxic relationships and anxiety, life will be feeling very uncomfortable for you right now on Earth as the intensity of the new energy arrives in greater streams each day.

And if you are still using the old soul draining “efforting hard work”  methods to try to create safety and security in your life, you will find this strategy no longer works well to support your life. 

Many are aware of the changing energy, but don’t have the specifics they need to begin to change their reality to match the highest potentials for their happiness and wellbeing.

Many are still feeling stuck in places they don’t want to be and are having experiences they don’t want to have.


There is a reason for the continuation of your unwanted experience. You are using the new energetics with old ideas of survival and fear of what you don’t want and now what you don’t want is accelerating into your reality very fast because linear time is disappearing completely!

The energetics around us are indeed changing and accelerating and the way we create and thrive is changing too! 

There is a new playbook we need to learn and master. 

To do this we need to understand the energetics of consciousness that are leaving us and the ones that are entering so that we can learn the new rules for living on 5D Earth.


The Mentorship is a private container that is tailored to your own personal level of awareness and evolution. If you are very new to opening and learning about these energetics we will lay a foundation of understanding of the core concepts. I will develop a program for you that fits into your own personal evolution into higher states of consciousness. This change in frequency requires work in the physical body and energy body to open up and activate your own inner latent spiritual technologies 

For those who are more advanced we will visit these topics in a way that they enhance and deepen your acceleration into your mastery and ascension process, helping to “seat” you more stabley in the potential of the field you have been creating for yourself. At more advanced levels this work is about integrating into your divine potential for mastery. You can learn more here

Some examples of topics we explore

  • What is the difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and how does that affect your life?
  • How and why did Earth fall in consciousness and why is it elevating in consciousness now?
  • Why linear time appears to be accelerating and disappearing
  • How unconscious fear is blocking and distorting your dream life manifestations
  • How to hold the vibrational inner space that empowers your new dream life
  • Activating your own inner spiritual technology
  • Building your platform to receive by removing Old Earth abundance and trauma barriers 
  • Learning newly available 4D and 5D multidimensional tools to stabilize the unified field and create new potentials


 The Shifting Frequency Mentorship is in modules of 6 sessions that are spaced every other week and lasting for four months of sacred journey and transformation time together.

I will create a personal module map according to your level of entry into the program. We will begin with an exploratory call for me to feel your energy and make recommendations as to how we might proceed to give you the most beneficial experience of transformation and expansion into the higher frequencies that are available now for all who learn how to hold themselves consistently in the unified field.  

Module Value Investment $888  (six sessions)

Payments plans are available

APPLY HERE TODAY BY Scheduling your 30 minute exploratory call $33



Having traveled the sacred path of ascension and embodied my own Divine Self, I am here to guide you on your own journey of transcendence. I stand in service to my own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery.

My goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!

My Sacred Lineage

As a soul/spirit I have walked with Mother Earth for many ages remembered and many long forgotten in the epic history of our human collective of souls. As an ancient starseed from Sirius B and a Lemurian ascended soul I walk in this lifetime in service as the embodiment of my Higher Self’s wisdom and light and as a wayshower for ascending souls to return to their inner knowing and empowered wisdom as the Earth ascends into Her 5th dimensional reality of wellbeing, peace and love.

Let me guide you back home to YOU!!

It is my great honor to hold you in a space of love and transformation to enable your highest good and timeline to unfold.

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