Spiritual Coaching

Enlightened-e1347638225981All are called to a divine purpose. Only a few will choose to answer this calling.

Are you one who feels profoundly drawn to this mysterious journey and has chosen to move towards this deepest level of soul calling? If your answer is yes, you will find all the tools you need arrive to assist you if you are open to truly seeing and accepting them into your process.

Learn about the phases of the Soul’s Path of Wholing  and learn to identify and navigate through stumbling blocks and blind spots that may be limiting your progress.

Learn More De-Mystifying the Spiritual Path: Where Does the Path Begin and End

Walking the Narrow Path– Elaine Marie offers individual teaching, healing and coaching for those who are ready to move into the highest aspects of their spiritual development. Please email Elaine Marie for an initial consultation;  elaine@pathofwholing.com




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