The Golden RuleWhat does the Golden Rule really mean? What is it trying to tell us? Put simply, when you cause harm to another you cause harm to yourself.

Except in rare cases, an individual will only choose what is not in their best interest when they are ignorant of what is in their own best interest.  The Golden Rule gives us insight into what is actually in our best interest. According to the Law of The Circle, each time we choose to act- to create a cause- there is an effect of consequence which returns to us through the Law of the Circle. When one sets in motion a cause of love or joy that effect of love or joy is returned to them. When one sets a cause in motion that acts against, apart from or outside the interest of the other, one automatically acts against their own self-interest as that ill-intended act will return to them as the same ill-intended effect. In short, they harm themselves AND the other. They do not understand that attack of the other is attack of the self. Wounding of the other is wounding of the self.

We have not been encouraged to love our neighbors as ourselves merely as an act of kindness, empathy and generosity. We have been encouraged to do so as a method for self-care and self-preservation. When you are connected to all others, each act of self-care extends to the entire web of life. Conversely each act of attack does the same, including to your own-self. In the continuous energy web of life, we are all one.

All life is connected in a matrix or interconnected web of energy. Each action or cause has an effect in connection to all, including the one who created the cause. This energy flow creates more love and harmony or less in the entire system of life, depending on the higher vibration or lower vibrational momentum of the cause released.

There is a children’s book, The No Good, Very Bad Day, which illustrates the simplicity of this circle of flow very clearly. In this book, the father gets angry, so then he yells at the mother, who then yells at the son, who then yells at the dog.

However, the dog proves to be the only one acting from the Golden Rule with wisdom and his response is to reverse the flow of energy back in the other direction. The dog breaks the low vibrational energy momentum by licking the boy’s face as an act of love. The boy then becomes happy and does something nice for his mother, who then does something nice for the father, who them returns the love back again around the circle. It’s not that complicated really. You can observe this effect everywhere around you.

When this constantly moving energy system is degraded and in a weakened state, filled primarily with low vibrational energy, it begins to have trouble healing itself and maintaining balance and harmony.

This describes in a simplistic way the situation for humankind at present. We have an overflow of low vibrational energy that has caused extensive wounding and fragmentation and has created a looping of low vibrational effects. We can reverse this trend by infusing the world with a big surge of high vibrational energy to begin to turn the corner into a balanced, self-healing, self-preserving high vibrational paradigm of love and joy.

What is your energetic contribution to the world each day?  

By Elaine Marie


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