The ascension path is like an extended tour through a hall of mirrors. At certain points you might find a bit of regret present for purchasing the full-tour package and long to turn back. A sense of humor will be key to your endeavor.

The advanced path requires absolutely constant vigilance against spiritual pride and blindness. As we move through this process using the maps we are given by those who have traversed this journey and have turned back to lead us from higher dimensional realms, we may find that the maps are themselves potentials for entrapment and delusion.

At this point in my journey I am moving through, by the terms of the map I am using anyway, the final initiation on the earth plane. In my system called the 7th level of initiation. There are an infinite number beyond this, as the process of “ascension” is an endless one, and earth is somewhat like the kindergarten as far as the full potentials for Source level consciousness goes. But our system acknowledges seven levels, with an 8th that can be prepared for in one’s earthly body, but will not be taken until you leave it to take on the eternal body once more.

At this juncture the tests are all about releasing attachment and seeing through the illusion of the mind. Known as Maya, the veil, the dream, the matrix, and many other things, this is what confronts me at present. Having gone through another round of releasing material and personal attachments, now I am faced with fully releasing attachment to the mind and to time. More specifically, releasing time requires no longer fretting about the future in desperation or expectation, nor do we entangle ourselves with emotions and fragments from times past. We release time and float in the eternally present now. So often this is spoken about, but it is so difficult to describe what it really means using, what else, the mind. Truly, Master Yeshua gave one of the greatest references to it, “become as a little child.” Watch how a very young child works with time and you will get a glimpse of the eternal now.

The second terrain that is daunting to say the least is realizing the mind and its arbitrary way of viewing reality through its particular illusions and imprints. This I have found is a tricky business, because as we progress in our conscious awareness and attempt to point out to ourselves or others (be careful here for certain!!) the illusions before them or us, we can become trapped in our very own mind delusions and filters. So our “observation” becomes yet another opinion or judgment.

What I find now is the need to attempt to refrain from opinion or judgments of any kind, no matter how apparently “insignificant” and step back to realize that each perception that another holds is perfect for the soul, and my own interpretations may or may not be particularly helpful or needed. I am more able to simply let be. You believe this is best, or that is worst and the mind persists to always prove itself correct and accurate. A humorous task indeed once one begins to get a glimpse of the absurdity of trying to know via the mind.

What has become abundantly clear to me is that mentalism, or use of the rational mind to determine reality is an enslavement of the true self. Based on an endless stream of perceptions, judgments, comparisons and strategies for control, one is endlessly encumbered by the separation consciousness and its unceasing analysis of good/bad/better, right/wrong, included/excluded, preferred and non-preferred.

It is only with the heart that one is able to rise out of the mucky chaos of this perpetual stream of relative perception. This is why every spiritual master and tradition with truth has pointed to the heart and the consciousness lying hidden within it as the answer to all we are seeking.

The heart mind cannot use the tool of calculation and analysis of what is “real” or ”reality”, or what is happening, or did happen, or what is right and wrong, because these calculations and analysis are always based on a lens of separation. It is the rational mind’s job to slice and dice; it knows no other way. The result is always and consistently a separation focused view of what is real.

The heart mind can only perceive through the lens of unity and its associated feeling states. These would include compassion, unconditional love, and gratitude to name only a few. The unity field cannot perpetuate separation, so in order to transcend separation, we must- I repeat- we must, transcend the level of rational mind. This is the great secret to enlightenment. Easier said than done, for certain.

.Blessings on your journey,

Elaine Marie

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