It is the nature of the rational mind to always attempt to comprehend and solve external complexity.

But this external reality cannot be understood using this faulty tool. This reality is a puzzle the mind will never be able to unravel because the rational mind is deeply limited in its ability to truly see what lies behind the external.

What lies behind is the causal world of spirit beyond form and we all have our own internal access to this macrocosm.

How do we access this causal realm of wisdom?

The answer is found in the maxim of sages from all times and all places

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.”

This kingdom is not a place. It is a state of consciousness. And we cannot and will not realize this “Kingdom”, by focusing on and allowing ourselves to be traumatized by the external world.

We must go within to learn who we truly are.

Enlightened wisdom traditions from all times and all places point us to the great mystery that our external reality is but a holographic mirror, and to look without leads one only to play out copies of what is within oneself. If in Truth there were anything of lasting value to behold in the external world, this is where the Kingdom would be found. But it is not so.

In a world that is accelerating into ever rising chaotic forms as a new beginning is dawning, all will be faced with this deeply hidden and suppressed inner world that they fear and resist.

All reflections outward that we despise and detest are in Truth but inner reflections we cannot bear to accept as part of our own being.

We must step back and understand the large, slow arch of human evolution. We must move beyond the drama and story of this one tiny and insignificant lifetime to realize collectively as souls we have been walking the Good Red Road, our Earthwalk, for many eons.

We have collected every lesson imaginable as our souls have moved forward in their evolution. This includes a thorough study of the dark side of our polarity.

Those who point righteously indignant fingers at others as “wrong” “immoral” or “evil” are pointing to our eternal brothers and sisters holding a mirror to show us what must be faced, taken responsibility for as its creators, and amended for and re-balanced as it affects others in the Great Cosmic Web.

WE have dreamed this world of pain and suffering into being as collective humanity through our fears, our hatred and our collective consciousness of separation. The very belief that there is “the other” or “the enemy” illuminates our collective misunderstanding and our vast miscreation of life that is not at all in alignment with Cosmic Natural Law.

All are playing their perfect part in the resolution of this human drama. All have played every part. A Great Cosmic Master once said, “Remove the speck of dust in your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Wiser words of simple Truth were never spoken.

We must as collective humanity understand that the only enemy among us is within. Go within and allow this enemy to reveal itself and you will be amazed to find it is in Truth your greatest ally.

And with this mighty and powerful ally in hand, we can move together swiftly to create the world of peace, love and unity we all long for in our hearts.

Standing In Truth

Elaine Marie Rose

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