There is immense chaos, fear and anger flowing across the planet demanding change. This passion for change is much needed in these times and we must stand as the divine sovereign beings we are for our freedom. It is true we are deeply oppressed by a hidden force on this planet, a force hidden in the wide open if we would be careful enough to look for it. Those lightworkers who have regained any portion of their soul memories know this has been the case for eons of time. The “official” history we have been given is absent of truth. I encourage you to look around more carefully, beneath what lies on the shallow surface. Do your homework, for now is indeed the time to put an end to this darkness that squeezes and suppresses the very life force.

That said, I would caution that one would be wise to gain a bit of spiritual warrior training before heading to the streets of protest in righteous indignation, anger and frustration. One would be wise to learn a bit more about our true planetary history that is literally eons old, before confronting the darkness seen all around us.

One who knows not his history shall remain forever a child.

If one were to look beneath the alarming surface of events, and to take a much longer view of what is happening and has been happening on this planet you would see clearly that when you react to the chaos and dissatisfaction with more chaos, anger, fear, judgement, hatred and dissatisfaction, you are indeed feeding the strength of the ones you would attempt to rise up against.

This dark faction has used our very own powerful energies against us for many eons, as they have none of their own, and we have indeed been easily controlled because we have not mastered our own emotions and thought-form projections. When we send out fear, anger, hatred, separation, and frustration it enters the collective unconscious grid of humanity and effectively opposes the immense work that millions of lightworkers are effecting upon the planet at this time. This is ultimately an energy (non-visible spiritual light) balancing act, and for eons events that cause distress, trauma, terror, fear and anger have been purposely staged (from all apparent “sides”) to evoke this exact response. You would be shocked to know that those you believe are the proverbial “good guys” sit right next to the so called “bad guys”. This is the great lie, the immense treachery. No matter what side of a dualistic “cause” you are on, you are but a ploy to feed more distress and chaos. Thus we remain prisoners of our own best efforts and the dark faction are able to feed themselves and their plots on our ever self-regenerating separation consciousness and to keep us in collective amnesia about our true divine power.

Another important factor to remember is that if you are highly triggered into a negative emotional or mental response by any event or person, this is a signal that the universe is sending you a mirror image of a darkness you hold within yourself and will not acknowledge and resolve. Ultimately the only battle here is the battle within. What is unreal, those things we might point righteously indignant fingers at as “evil”, cannot harm or replace what is real. Only Divine Light is real. No diminishment of this Light will ever be more than a temporary anomaly in the fabric of Creation. That said, we as free will beings have the right to continue to play the game of negativity and separation, and so we have chosen to, and the darkness continues at our request. In truth if the collective of humanity stood up for but one day in a vibration of peace, love, unity and harmony, all that is in polarity would vanish as the unreal illusion it is.

Yes, humanity is and has been for many eons, by its own free will, in a state of collective amnesia. We are Divine Beings of Light. Creator Beings with immense quantum capabilities, but we lost them over a very long period of time of our own misunderstanding, forgetting and abuse of our God-given gifts. The gaining of these lost gifts has been the secret teaching of all mystery schools across the planet. And those who chose to rule in darkness know the teachings of universal Divine Law and reverse them to their benefit and control. But the time of mysteries is at an end. We have entered the new cycle and begin now the Glorious Aquarian Golden Era. All have access to this God-given inner power and the secret to its re-installation is 100% nonviolence of body, mind and emotion.

It is the very vibration of peace, harmony, unity and love that is the greatest tool for regaining our planetary and collective freedom.

So I urge you with love, peace, victory and unity to stand up against villainy and treachery, but do so by gathering in deep peace. Demand love’s return to planet Gaia. But realize that for love’s return YOU MUST BE LOVE. Otherwise you simply feed and add to the myriad problems of our world.

Sending waves of love, joy and victory to all my planetary brothers an sisters at this time of tremendous global change. All change must truly begin within. When each of us IS PEACE, there will BE PEACE.


Elaine Marie Rose

Let there be LIGHT and there is LIGHT! So Be It!



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