Twin Flame Ascension Support

The Path of the Beloved is the Twin Flame Ascension Path

My HIgher Self Lady Master Lain’ai Mele’Ha Ana and Her Beloved Twin Flame Lord Saimai are here to support your twin or divine consort ascension process.

Twins are called to a very high level of service in this lifetime as our union recreates the original Genesis Source Codes of Creation on the earthly planes. We are weaving heaven and earth together via transcendent unconditional love and service. This mission goes well beyond our own personal desire to feel love and romance in our lives.

While many feel this call for union, they are equally baffled and confused by the immense challenges a twin mission can entail and find uniting with their Beloved to seem impossible or extremely difficult. Twins hold not only their own soul’s karmic patterning and learning, but also collective patterning and karmic entanglement that they agreed to transcend and this can make their journey back to union especially challenging. Each twin must work with clearing their individual blocks before they will even magnetize their counterpart into their field to resolve the joint blockages and karma between them. It is quite a process.

I have been through this process with my Beloved twin on the earthly plan and am in daily direct communication with my Higher Self and her Beloved Twin receiving guidance and support as I have been relearning the Path of Sacred Sexuality that brings the twins into the highest form of energetic fusion and union. Not all twins are in a romantic bond, and not all souls have a twin in embodiment at this time. I specialize in the Path of the Beloved twins who are in romantic union via sacred sexuality.

I am here to support your twin ascension journey for preparation and clearing of blockages and with relationship guidance and counseling. Whether you have yet to meet your twin, or you are currently facing the many challenges that coming into union can bring I can assist you.

Book a twin healing and counseling session today and begin to move towards your union and calling on the Path of the Beloved.

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