The opposite of love is fear. When we have fear, or anti-love, in our energy field it causes distortions in how we relate to love.  One of the major manifestations of these distortions is in the form of resistance. When we resist something we have an energetic tension present that prevents or blocks the free flow of energy. These blocks are found in both resistance to giving love, which stems from a belief that we are victims or have been victimized by another in some way, or in our restriction of receiving love, which comes from a belief that we are unworthy to receive it. Most of us have resistance in both directions when it comes to our unique anti-love imprint.

Finding Resistance in The Body

Resistance lives deeply in the body, and can be felt quite viscerally if we learn to regain somatic or body-centered awareness. When we are negatively triggered this resistance causes distortions and blocks in our energy patterns that lead to pushing others away, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, shut-down, dissociation and over time will lead to major physical, emotional or mental disease.

Freeing Ourselves From Past Wounds

When we are triggered by our past trauma responses where we experienced fear and a feeling of not being safe, we immediately go into a reflexive fight, flight or freeze response in the nervous system and block the flow of energy. Whichever direction the response comes from it is resistance and love cannot flow through resistance.

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