As we become more consciously aware of what occurs within our minds, we will discover how many arbitrary prejudices and biases begin to appear. These are excellent lessons and should be noted. We do not realize how our minds are literally “packed” with false impressions and illusions. We have no idea really how these false stereotypes and judgments are formed.

How did we end up wired with so many misplaced concepts within our brains? In truth, when one begins the process of observing the mind, one inevitably finds that the majority of thoughts present are not even their own. We walk through life in a state of unconscious auto-pilot-mode the majority of the time. We are constantly and unconsciously absorbing subtle and unsubtle ideas from the external environment. As just one example of where these ideas are born, think of how we are moment  to moment bombarded with concepts and notions from the advertising and mass media all around us. These false ideas make it into our processing system and unconsciously program us to become our reality. This reality is reinforced each time the image or idea returns by re-presenting itself. Have you ever wondered why you keep hearing the same advertisement over and over again? Repetition builds and strengthens a thought-form, which eventually forms a habit of thought.

Right-vs_-WrongThis self-reinforcing process becomes the unfortunate basis for our approach and reactions to the world. This information enters into our unconscious minds and is formed into judgments, biases, knee-jerk reactions, moral reasoning, assumptions and stereotypes, and then becomes our impressions and reactions to life; our basic worldview.

We navigate our world using these faulty tools of supposed “reason”. We paste judgments upon others and concepts they hold as true or false, right or wrong, as we fashion the world of our individual realty and then we go through life looking to confirm this reality by letting in what agrees with it and attacking, rejecting or resisting what does not.

Our mental frames, our set of ideas and beliefs, when truly examined often turns out to be a set of illusions and this is what we use as guideposts to conduct ourselves in the world. Our core reactions to life are mainly of defense against what does not fit into our existing mental frames, and a seeking for more of what does. We reject all that does not fit in, labeling it as stupid, wrong, immoral, arbitrary or even insane.

This results in the continuation of the core illusion of the duality consciousness; the fundamental misconception of which  is that we are separate.

I am right and you are wrong, and the twain shall never meet. For how could we possibly embrace the other as part of ourselves when we are constantly dicing them up into tiny arbitrary labels. This is a core tactic of the separation consciousness.

How could we possibly unite as a common humanity when we are at our core annihilators of the other through our false judgment and rejection? How could we possibly create an awareness of the web of life when our brains are sorting machines; pulling one thing up in value and another down until we arrange the world to fit our irrational perspectives?

When we begin to become more conscious of these errors in thought and can look at them without blinders we can begin to see they are actually projections onto the other from within ourselves. We unconsciously magnetize into our worldview the very things we believe we are “against” so we have the opportunity to face the illusion, again and again, if needed. We are set on a program of unconscious learning, by learning what we are not, until we choose to become conscious of our own thought creations.

The good news is that these judgments, biases and exclusions of the other can become the clues to the perversions of divinity that lie deeply buried within us. They can become keys to our healing in a very deep way if we have the courage to examine them openly.

Ultimately you are responsible for the contents in your container of self. As the Law of Correspondence states, as above, so below; and so it is that as within, so without.

By Elaine Marie

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