Empress as Vulnerable SovereignWhat happens when we become a vulnerable sovereign? Some may equate vulnerability with weakness, aptness for victim-hood, or gullible innocence. However, when True Self is born, vulnerability becomes  a hallmark of sovereignty. When the truth in our hearts is freed from our fear and grasping, we can afford to wear it on our sleeves, to be open, and to take risks with the truth of who we truly are. A sovereign is one in a self-governing state. That means one who is whole and need not seek external fulfillment or authority to feel sustained, complete or safe. A vulnerable sovereign is self-containing with all aspects of self reflecting outwards, and with a wide range of qualities and attributes healthily installed from perfect passiveness to the fierce determination of a warrior. One is able to hold opposites in balance and pull from reserves of archetypal strength as needed. A vulnerable sovereign is one who can walk unflinchingly in the world as Authentic Self.

Did you know this is actually the purpose of our existence? To discover this authentic expression and to live as this expression, without hiding, flinching or falling back to false self as a safety net is the grand purpose of our soul’s evolution. This takes great courage, but it is in fact our task here. And once we have begun our True Heart Quest to recover this vulnerable sovereign within us we will never be the same.

Are you ready to begin your Heart Quest?

Read Heart Quest: Path of the Four Sacred Freedoms to learn more.

Safe travels on your journey,

Elaine Marie

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