The love imprint is a distortion placed over the pure field of divine love that we actually are. It works like a cloud covering the rays of the sun. Divine love is our natural state and our true nature as soul essence and so as the sun remains intact and glowing even when we cannot see it behind clouds, so our pure nature is always intact.
The love imprint is an illusion that reflects fragmented images of anti- love upon the personal perception to show stories of what love is not. These distortions take many familiar forms such as fear, anger, selfishness, victimhood, unworthiness, pride, judgement, jealousy and so many other illusions of anti- love.
Healing the love imprint is a process to shine light on these distortions by bringing them into our conscious awareness. We are then able to work to uncover, resolve and dissolve the fragmented distortion so the pure field of our inherent essence as pure divine love can shine through us in its pure brilliance.

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