“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matthew 7:13 


In these glorious times of self-awakening many have been called to follow the spiritual path.  Our Knowing Self Within is urging us forward to discover the truth of our pure essence and inner divinity.

For too long we have been lost upon the “broad road”, and even now this wide gate lingers everywhere in our world. I am astounded how often those who have chosen a spiritual practice and way of living, whether religious or non-religious, when asked, “What is the goal of your path?” do not have a clear answer.

What is your spiritual destination? Some may not even realize there is an arrival point to this journey!

I call the true teachings of the narrow gate, the universal curriculum of life. It has been taught by true Masters across all cultures and in all ages. It exists, often well-hidden, within every major religion on the planet and within the myriad indigenous practices around the globe. Yet, standing right next to it is the broad way; the false spiritual path that does not lead us to the true goal for our lives.

The true goal of any spiritual curriculum or practice is the discovery of and union with the Knowing Self Within. This is the goal of human life. The path which follows the wide-gate seeks to glorify an external God/Goddess, or to glorify the false self, while pretending it is glorifying the Divine Self. This distortion can be very subtle and has indeed, as Matthew states, led many down the path of destruction.

Matthew knew well this truth as he was led by a Master who taught the true teaching of the narrow gate. These teachings have been lost within the distortions of modern day Christianity that point to an external Savior. However, they remain underlying the words, in hidden stories and metaphors. The Bible is a fascinating guide to the great mysteries, but one must know what they are looking for to find them.

The Buddha, another true teacher of The Way was very clear about the delusions of the false self that were the cause of suffering and death. The true teachings of the Divine Mother do not glorify the small self as Goddess, nor worship the Goddess as external to self. The Tao Te Ching is the Book of The Way. The great Hindu Yogis and Yoginis are clear about The Way. The term ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to join’ or ‘union’. The word religion means ‘union’ or “to unite’.  This is the goal of human life. It is our destiny.

There are many true adepts from every culture and race who have walked this earth over the eons and have themselves entered through the narrow gate. They do no honor to the false self, nor to the externalization of divinity. This is a hallmark of the true teachings.

So ask yourself, what is the goal of your spiritual path? What is the end? Where are you heading?

A teacher who has not attained entrance through the narrow gate, even though well intended, will not possess the keys of entry and therefore simply cannot lead you there.  We must learn to use our discernment and be razor sharp in our precision to uncover The Way.

The era has come for the demystification of the spiritual path and The Way. Search well and may you be victorious in reaching your destination of the glorious narrow gate.

Many Blessings

Elaine Marie




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